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neo fans come :(
15-4 15-19
dreameaters panicked alot this were experience matters, but what a comeback
mousesports vs FaZe
frankly speaking i am big fanboy of NEO but in csgo in last few years he is nowhere near what his fans expected, it is high time he leave whatever happens in next 2 months.
mousesports vs FaZe
gg then FaZe and NEO. They have more then one month of time, hope they fix all there issues and have a good major.
mousesports vs FaZe
Niko can get it changed people tend to forget faze clan is niko, niko is faze clan. Incoming neo is being removed (KICKED) news in few days
mousesports vs FaZe
Now NEO is gonna be kicked. This faze clan won't win anything until unless Niko, rain, guardian perform consistently.
NEO hate
FaZe will win only, Niko, rain and guardian, perform, if 'n' number of threads are made like NEO is useless, NEO is trash, it not gonna change the fact. Olof and Neo are the support to this 3 fraggers...
North vs FaZe
Rain need to be consistent performer, not one game or 2 game wonders, if Niko, rain and guardian start to perform, then this FaZe team will start to win the events, or else same old story go out in gr...
Windigo vs NoChance
windigo how come they are performing so bad
Narendra Modi back
:P :P
Narendra Modi back
Now a shitstorm of comments will start.
forZe vs OpTic
k0nfig is the star player and optic main hitman, if MSL uses him correctly along with the young blood refrezh, then Optic can be a team who can contest with tier1 teams, or else forever optic will be ...
WESG is a major? Or not considered?
It is not a major as simple as that, because the playing team needs to be of one nationality and it is similar to WCG - World cyber games format. Majors are sponsored by Valve. Where as WESG is not s...
2-2 Matches
Nip gaming FB page already posted they are facing Vitality.
new VP
Until unless we see this team going against the top teams in the world, on LAN. Cannot say anything.