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"Stanislaw" need to comeback to IGL instead of Allu, as of now mixwell back to awp ( which is totally 50-50 better for optic) and friberg can go back to normal lurking or fragger position
OpTic vs Gambit
this map entirely depends on how ALLU plays, if he hits all his shots then Optic for sure or else a very close match for sure.
Space Soldiers vs EnVyUs
It is not about money, it is about winning EVENTS. nV need to win this event. SS on the other hand they are in red hot form for them winning this event will be a HUGE THING.
Space Soldiers vs EnVyUs
envy might get this they are on a momentum, but this csgo
Space Soldiers vs EnVyUs
correct seedings will be main thing in 1st matchups at the major main qualifiers vs Flash
+1 vs Flash
some people don't understand even though VP failed to impress many times, pasha was always standout player for VP during their slump and now also. He is improving every match vs FaZe
some people depend on scorebot, HLTV need to seriously think about fixing it. vs Gambit
wth is happening, gambit playing like VP and VP are playing like VP. vs Gambit
+1111111111111111111 vs Gambit
+1, they need to just steam roll VP 2-0.
Which Org will buy ex-IMT?
Hmm, thanks for the link. But now-a-days anything can happen. Most the important leagues have shifted to Youtube. I don't think it will be problem.
Which Org will buy ex-IMT?
IMPOV, It would be EG. It is really a win-win situation for them to enter into CSGO scene. Who wouldn't love EG stickers.
Eleague open qualification
Vega Squadron vs PANTHERS
scorebot drunk?