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Suck at 5v5
nah, past a certain level you'll get shat on without aim, no matter how smart you are and how well you throw nades lol
Loord Interview
Whats his ambitions with MYM? Does he think they have/will have a chance against top teams in the future?
Giveaway M4A1.
I need that m4
Who's The Best CS 1.6 Awper ?
Markeloff then delpan & trace
Rap music in your country
MysaN/JW/JesperW cheat vs ESC @ CS:GO
and walls, powerfull things motivation.
i tried cs:go so what?
in 1.6 damage with a silencer is lower
some people are so dumb i cant even get it around my head, have you ever been to poland you stupid ignorant fuck?! you think theres racist hoolignas roaming the streets everywhere? theye are a minorit...
You like Smoking?
The only time i smoke ciggarets is when i mix them with weed, so nearly everyday!
coloN is hacker?
i think that he did cheat in that match, hate as much as you want
coloN is hacker?
have you watched the video?
EURO 2012 predictions
1. Germany 2. Spain 3. Netherlands Flop - Portugal
Most loved tournament ?
they shouldnt, but they do. I mean i think last tournament they didn't actaully perform that bad, i think that SK performed extremly well thanks to some amazing individual performance from delpan. And...
They usually have a bad start, then neo decides to practice cs instead of raping LOL,and when neo starts making the difference thats all they need, just that little engine to get some of them cluth ro...