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Best budget smartphones ???
Is it even available outside China? Europe market only got Mate 10 Lite and Mate 10 Pro afaik.
Most deadest game?
Paragon, Epic games shut down the project, so it's literally dead.
if PSG could only put one past Real with Neymar, I can't see them putting more without him
Yeah, that's what I mean, sounds like Latin pronounciation.
Or maybe they do not use the anglicised pronounciation, but Latin one instead?
VP is done
It was the same the last time when they changed players. You can't expect everyone to suddenly go super sayian after 2-3 matches when for the last year you've been playing shite. The players themselve... vs MVP PK
Is this the same Solo who played for eSTRO and WeMadeFox in 1.6?
please bo5 for every final
I remember in CS 1.6 a tournament final played in BO3BO3 format, so the team to win 2 BO3 series would win.
What res do you use?
What failed resolution? This is the native resolution for that monitor. Also nobody said I do only play CSGO on that. I mostly do not, actually since I play lots of other games.
What res do you use?
LG 31MU97Z-B
What res do you use?
4096 × 2160
dear vp fans
Considering VP's recent form, I agree - 2nd is absolutely fine.
G2 vs
Snax fucked up last round, waited way too long with the flank
If VP beat G2
If they are able to go past G2, reaching final is already an awesome score for VP considering they last few months. Don't get this expectations too high.
G2 vs
TAZ 300 IQ play