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CSGO pro's using Ryzen cpu?
i really wonder if any pro have ryzen
-nuke +fy_iceworld ???
de_aztec de_prodigy de_dust competative would be fun again
Do you play on 144hz ?
let me explain, more hz more smooth. easy as that, the game will feel and play better. it wil not give you tactical skills, but it will affect your aim/spray and movement.
he played out of his mind that match, i must admit there was some luck shots there, but man the man was feeling it and his aim was so crisp unbelievable
Actual G2 Fix
Ex6TenZ igl kennyS awp (ZywOo) ScreaM entry (apEX) shox clutch/bait KioShiMa support
Is my PC good
worst pc ever
fortnite is dead lmao
just letting you know i5 2500k (3,3ghz not overclocked) amd 6950 2gb.... stone age GPU 8gb ram i can play this game 1280x720 with stable 60/70 fps or native 1920x1080 with stable 30 fps all low set...
i will take over his nation in Europe Universalis 4 with eazeeeeeee
rate my teen gf
why u share your girlfriend with everyone u dumb goat
stress on LANs, online games with 700+ viewers
couple tips that you can take serious. don't think about showing your skills. don't overthink when you do something retarded, shiiit happened get over it. do not feel like you have to prove everyone w...
Amd gpu or nvidia?
if u play CS:GO mainly definetly NVIDIA it has more stable fps and less drops in CS:GO
Galil and Famas are pointless
op is retard or baiting, says UMP is better then GALIL/FAMAS cause its more effective, its not more cost effective if you lose the round cause the enemie had a assault rifle and you have a smg. i us...
Galil and Famas are pointless
wtf are u talking about when have you seen somebody buy famas or galil with no armor? which elo you play? galil and famas are not pointless, and they are well priced cheap assault rifles, ump is a s...
Valiance vs BIG
81 kills xantares overrated