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HellRaisers vs Wolves
ip ?only steam ?
ATE Gaming(INDIA) Bootcamp - ESWC Paris
hahaah talent my ass they will suck as bad as they did in 1.6. International gaming isnt that easy
Confession - The doctor says my condition is only gonna get worse. secmazec
low budget headset ?
take siberia v1.
Swag Throws Pistol As Fake Grenade
Is this pc good enough for gaming?
Two things i would like to change:- 1. Gpu - Take smthn in ati they are good at budget prices ati 7770, 7850 2gb, powercolor ati 6950 2. As for smps u are running an i7 plus a gfx card, go for ...
Delpan in the hospital.
Must have tried to impress some gal with his moves :D
what for do you use your phone?
I make friends with steamers only,and that helps me not buying a phone.
I smell Nazis.
Happy Diwali
Happy diwali to all
Computer for CS:GO
f0rest neo and who?
neo moves, forest aim, markeloff awp, russians deagle, trace best clutcher today. Also get_right, he has been a great player always. For sure no. 2 after neo nd forps.
cArn better than Neo
Will the real polish fan boy plz stand up :|
Expertise Required
You suck man.For once I thought you had some tech video or something @
Expertise Required
Go for i3 2nd gen. Pros :Can easily play the games you mentioned, but u need to have a decent gfx card.Also cheaper than the 3rd generation. Cons : The board for 2nd & 3rd gen might differ, so if p...