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top 10 igls in csgo history
He was IGL for that VP lineup (him, dosia, adren, fox, kucher) that ended NiP's tournament win streak to became the first team to win a tournament that NiP attended. The statements you've made about h...
r8 ass [18+]
bait of the year
swag throwin again
SK already GOAT
your mother is a goat
[+18] Prague weed
wouldnt rely on that that would depend if you come across a good or bad cop. you can get a record for spitting on the ground or crossing a street on red sign
[+18] Prague weed
Dont buy anything from someone who approach you. Go to "Letenské sady" park and follow the smell, somebody will sell you something if you ask them. Or go to some bar where they tolerate smoking weed (...
[+18] Prague weed
that is not true, you can possess small amount of weed, no other drugs (alcohol and cigarettes not included) are legal at any doses.
[+18] Prague weed
It is not legal in Prague
SS Mice-need help
I cant say much about rival, never played with it, but it has nice shape and fits nicely in my hand, but I heard a lot of shit about its left click. Played with sensei raw for few years, never had a p...
New LAN-VAC: Cameras over the keyboard
So you mean this: I cheat and I dont want anyone notice so when I hit the aimlock key, I hit simulteanously another key so they dont know which one is the lock key?
New LAN-VAC: Cameras over the keyboard
I think i dont get what you are saying at all. I still can't see why would anyone fake pressing keys. To hide cheating?
New LAN-VAC: Cameras over the keyboard
why would anyone fake input? and how would filming it help?
New LAN-VAC: Cameras over the keyboard
read #4. take players keystrokes, compare it to their configs... there wouldnt be any confusion at all
New LAN-VAC: Cameras over the keyboard
I think its not necessary to have a camera, I remember back in 1.6, you could spectate any player on bh server and you could see in real time which keys he pressed. that would be better than camera, i...
me too, it took only the first match against faze to realize that I shouldnt bet against hr :D