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level 3 faceit experience.
nice videos, pls make more!
working out for more than 45 min is useless
mouz idiot ?
They should just keep their old lineup and practice the shit out of them. Maybe get a coach who is more like zonic, someone who get the team disciplined, make them practice more and...
is mouz out?!!!
New mouz fans
well, that happen everytime any team start doing good against big names. dont know what are u crying about.
not really
that wasnt luck that won them the match
G2 wins Starladder
not a single prediction right. dont do this to you next time
1024streched xhair
i play with style 4, size 5, gap -1, thickness 0.1
Slovak Super Team
Guardian was made in threesome?
HLTV shutting down
if he didnt pay on time, hltv would be down now. domain providers doesnt wait till next month to shut down the service when its not paid
Mouz 2:1 Faze
ye faze were saving strats for major at ECS
Mouz 2:1 Faze
mouz were 1 round from taking 2 maps from faze in ECS grandfinal a month ago.
after getting global elite, what to do to get better?
depends on what you want to get better at. If you want to get better player in general, switch to FACEIT/ESEA, find a team or a group of players that are a bit better than you to play with, watch pro...
top 10 igls in csgo history
He was IGL for that VP lineup (him, dosia, adren, fox, kucher) that ended NiP's tournament win streak to became the first team to win a tournament that NiP attended. The statements you've made about h...