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Trump won first debate
This. The internet and the news only show the extremes
Trump won first debate
I think they both lost really. Trump kept interrupting which was really irritating, I think just based on the stuff he said - he was winning most of the arguments so didn't really need to interrupt. A...
HLTV Moderation
Well an even better way to stop N-word spam threads is just turn off the forum? In-fact just turn off the site, best be safe. I'm a web dev and can tell you there is 1 hundred better ways to stop spa...
HLTV Moderation
Because they made a forum but then don't actually like people discussing stuff. And why when i make 1 post do I get timed out, when I've been on the site for over a decade :*(
No deal brexit
What's stopping us all from just trading with each other and having super simple visas for travel between countries (Like what's being put in place for EU -> UK travel now)? I just don't like the fac...
No deal brexit
As we're a generally import heavy country, I'll be extremely surprised if we don't end up with up with many free trade deals with everyone. Why would any country put tariffs on their exports? Yes in ...
No deal brexit
Oh how are they getting on with that? The EU trade deals come with loads of regulatory controls. and also as I said, just because you get access to a 15t economy doesn't mean you then turn away anot...
No deal brexit
Sorry but where are you getting this ridiculous information? Do you know how trade works? Do you think it involves 1 favourable party and 1 unfavourable party? Why would we make a trade deal that make...
Your Typing Speed?
Also what's socialisms answer to that coconut thing? You stab him and take his coconuts?
"Are you seriously saying wealth inequality isn't an issue that leads ppl to crime?" Why would someone else being rich, whom I've never met, make me need to go out and rob poor people? And that cocu...
See #45 where I explain how it's never a net-loss and why they didn't pay tax. Oh you mean the workers who are paid a wage to do a job they've agreed upon? people who support their families off their...
Their company is taxed. The reason they didnt pay any for 1 or 2 years recently was that, due to all their investments in growth, they actually made a loss, and you're obviously only taxed on profits....
and you think these rich people got their money by stealing it from the homeless people?
This is ABSURD
Her boyfriend should write a tweet about how his gf shared a bed with another man without his consent, and get her cancelled too