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Forum posts vs FaZe
its a fucking joke why they always have to push when they dont need to on CT side and giving them free frags
cheatmovie Virtus Pro vs FaZe Clan @ DH Malmo
U must be mentaly ill if u think they would allow something like this on LAN. And who in the world would go to tournament and use cheats there when whole world sees?
Astralis vs CSGL
Dupreeh is a bit of a cunt sayin csgl didnt deserved 9 rounds it could ve been more
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
so can anyone explain it to me, if fx will lose it, then will procede to face the winner of the lower bracket and try to fight a way to final again, or fx is outa event and sk will straight face the w...
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
bhahahaha what a fail... they will lose
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
hahah owned :D
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
cus they all russian it is ukraine or not, still russian.. they want one of them in.
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
I agree thats fucked up they shldt play together in semis. THAT IS THE REAL FINAL BABY! whoooooo
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
SK is on firaaaaa! FX needs to get things right togethaaaa for a chance
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
man... u act like a fan boy, a big time!
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
yea its 15:30 ffs, dont be mad at it just go out for a sec take a sun bath its great outside u whey-faced nerds haha
SK Gaming vs Frag eXecutors
what im thinkin' SK is on fire and will take this tbh.. but who knows FX need to sit down for few mins calm down after Kerchnet lose and start over
mousesports vs k23
that's it we wont see more from k23.
Frag eXecutors vs DTS
AHAHA they reconnect omfg what a failure -.-
Frag eXecutors vs DTS
that russian stream is fail, u cant see any good action in it they just cant sreamin it, switchin from one player to another all the time plus they r only POV'ing the ukrainians that r playin bad