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Anders Breivik
he has 3 rooms now, TV, Computer and even GYM for killing 71 people. Fuck work, became a murderer in Norway.
10k people
Counter Strike 10$ league of legends skins 100$
EURO 2012 predictions
I think is gonna be between Germany and Holland, Spain is always dangerous of course but they have some problems inside team also Villa, Puyol injured, Torres without form since 2 years all players ar...
another insider's highlight - deco
he is more like polish colon. Golden Five players still are better trust me, but for sure there is potential in this guy.
SK Gaming vs WinFakt.fi
lower bracket or gg for ESC?
REAL, kalle, tacky, prb, hellzerk but its impossible anyway ;)
you are a fool, think twice before posting
where is hate? just people dont understand fact that fury is decent player nothing more, and there is like 500 better arround the world, he get famous because of movies and friendship with top swedish...
of course they arent, its next proof that fury is just one of many semi-pro players in Sweden but baengan had potential to be one of the bests in Sweden imo.
10 years later people will still remember fury, good semi-pro elite player from Sweden, he never played in big team, never did smth big on good lan and there is like 100 better or equal players then h...
C.Ronaldo WHO?
most of his goals are from Santos matches, I just wanted say that. Pele is one of the best players ever I wont deny it, but its stupid comparing Pele to Messi and say that Messi should score 1200 goal...
C.Ronaldo WHO?
he scored about 750~ goals in official matches, still there are two other footballers which have better stats, also Pele played only in Brazil where level wasnt so high as in europe for example and th...
to cArn (IGL discussion)
Taz was igl till 2009 then kuben for half year or so, again Taz for half year and kuben again till now, in some random matches neo calling strats sometimes ;) kuben in 2011 was crazy killer, look h...
Brazil x Bosnia !!
who is dede? some shining star from Brazil league I guess cuz i dont know him and I dont believe he is better then Thiago Silva probably best defender atm