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AGO vs North
It is not really how bad North played tt - it is just how good Ago was playing ct and not letting North to work with their tactics, ruining their mentality. Go Ago!
Astralis vs FaZe
Ah it should be final when SK is out. Hope for Faze 2-1 vs Heroic
Hope VP will win it and gain some self confidence. True fans will support you no matter what so keep calm and pass Heroic!
ESC vs Anexis
I don't know how inet is working for them in CS:GO but if you're talking about 1.6 I totally agree with you. Hard to say who will win this one.
Any stream?
DomenikTV: mSx
My favourite awp player
What if it were not for Global Offensive?
I just have hope that valve will make GO better
Workout in the Gym
I'm not specialist but many people tells that u can work abs each day if u want to have good effort. What do u think about this and are u satisfied with results with abs workout only 1 day per week?
Natus Vincere vs DELTA
GJ DELTA you played fantastic tournament! GL NaVi, you were just better
Most Intelligent Player Ever?
I guess f0rest, neo is better than him generally but some situations which f0rest could handle the way he did - he's just insane :) vs DELTA
DELTA is biggest surprise of this tournament, amazing play and it's clearly that they didn't waste time on bootcamp, well done!
fnatic vs ESC Gaming
Natus Vincere vs ESC Gaming
DELTA vs zNation
Seems DELTA really prepared for this tournament, gj
Natus Vincere vs ESC Gaming
Neo madness!