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Coldzera and Fallen WTF???
only fools would consider taking fallen out of SK.. fnx exit was dued to personal problems it seems so this point is stupid.
Ballon D'or
Major bullshit
Greatest Nation
Portugal. I love my country no matter what. I'd kill and die for Portugal <3
best musculation playeur?
omg tent obviously.
Cristiano Ronaldo Goal v Manchester City
you even say that a defender is better than him, your hate on him is pretty hard i see. You don't know nothing about football so I will not even bother
Cristiano Ronaldo Goal v Manchester City
of course, but his goal was important. Nice match
Tentpole ? game over
coachi vs Begrip [IEM5 EU. Champ Qual.]
lol.. To be a highlight is not about sick frags or entertaining to watch, it's a important part of the game, maybe the turning point of the score... highlight of football matches are not always about ...
[CS:GO] Got some problems with my fps..
Same here. cs go sucks
Started Muay Thai training
never mind, i thought you were from Portugal LOL... Nice man
Cristiano Ronaldo says bring me to life
please ban that guy... Not only from hltv but from the world... so ashamed right now...
Cristiano Ronaldo says bring me to life
that guy is an idiot but cmon.. no team crushed Portugal in euro2012... Not Germany either Spain
watch tv shows, series, movies but in spanish version. I learned english from the simpsons so.. Watch the series with english sub or whatever you want and there you go.
Ronaldo just said that he was sad... And one of the many reasons is that the date of his father's death was near, and he didn't want to play versus Granada but he was forced to. It's one of many theor...
yeah i know but it's not usual to put a player who signed for the club 2 days before against Barca