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then why ure not playing in top australian teams? :)
lewis the biggest douche ever?
if some1 has a big mouth he has to remember thats not an internet and he can get punched, our world is full of pussies nowdays, I dont believed he started strangling him for no reason, and wtf is wron...
EYES ON U vs Playing Ducks
yeah it totally looked like a throw O.o this guy boosted on B, he turned away from T running into his crosshair, then another guy just pushed short without any nades and insta died, dafuq was that? O....
Im shocked, are you laughing at innocent people dying 'coz of some brainwashed islamists? Now I think nothing can surprise me here on hltv... thats the most immature and stupid forum I've ever seen. I...
Vega Squadron vs WildSource
what do u mean? did u just bet ur skins on a mix which had 73%?
Keyd vs AlienTech
did they move to portugal?O.o or just for a lan?
G2 fox's contract
and whats wrong with that? if he's getting paid well? It's a pc game not a sport.
TYLOO vs MVP.karnal
well thats what I felt :D they're playing it like MM, it really looks like its their 1st time on overpass as a team, they were not even ready for T's, dying in the middle of the site, all the time ex...
TaZ retire?
old? he's 29, even in football some 34 y.o or even older players are freaking world class, and we're talking about a COMPUTER game, where brain matters not muscles or condition, he's playing at the to...
fav soccer team?
how do u like blaszczykowski in fiorentina?:] I didnt watch a single fiorentina game yet, but I saw he's getting some good ratings
pls stop islam post
They're the victims of their own madness, when I've been watching BBC documentary about islam in UK, thats horrible... these people are full of hate, they're guests there, but they're acting like an a...
Racism in the UK
We could send links to each other all day long, and...? Thats what I said u can find a racist everywhere, doesnt matter where ure from. I guess u've got a problem with urself, is it some kind of phob...
Racism in the UK
She actually said "u guys used to be a slaves" which is a true, and thats something that white people should be ashamed of... human history is awful, I'm not a historian though. All I know is we peopl...
Racism in the UK
I guess they're just scared of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgKMI1wV0ps
Racism in the UK
do u actually watch polish TV or read polish newspapers, or have u ever been here in poland? or the only knowledge of my country u built up on the bunch of HLTV trolls? I actually used to work in mul...