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Norway LatterligLett


2009 ' Norway Polar Party
2009 ' Norway BambleLAN
2009 ' Norway The Convention

2010 ' Ukraine Arbalet Cup Best of Four
2010 ' Sweden DreamHack Summer
2010 ' Sweden ASUS ENC Sweden
2010 ' Sweden Inferno Online FINAL4
2010 ' Sweden World Cyber Games Sweden
2010 ' Sweden DreamHack Winter
2010 ' Sweden EPS Nordic III LAN Finals

2011 ' Sweden DreamHack Summer
2011 ' Sweden Inferno Online FINAL4
2011 ' Sweden World Cyber Games Sweden
2011 ' Sweden MSI BEAT IT
2011 ' Sweden DreamHack Winter 2011
2011 ' Sweden MSI BEAT IT

2012 ' Sweden DreamHack Summer
2012 ' Sweden Swedish Championship
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Moe mad at HLTV
Moe mad at HLTV
Haha. Very bold of him to pull the discrimination card...
hiphop sad songs
It needs a bit of context, but a lot of the stuff from J Dilla's "Donuts" album. As he was slowly dying from some blood disease, he made the album on his deathbed, in the hospital. He died three days ...
1 week without coke
Came in here expecting something quite different.
HLTV brains come here
Obviously [ITALIC]my comment[/ITALIC] reflects [ITALIC]my opinion[/ITALIC], which is not to listen to critics because [ITALIC]I think[/ITALIC] they are often unfair and that [ITALIC]I think[/ITALIC] i...
HLTV brains come here
[ITALIC]You Don't Mess with the Zohan[/ITALIC]. Don't listen to critics or pay attention to who plays the main character. Greatest movie ever made.'s Locutions
My personal favorite is [ITALIC]"Thank you for responding to my comment and sharing your point of view with me. I can see that we have different opinions on the matter, but I'm totally cool with that....
hottest girl who you follow on instagram
I hear this account is pretty cool:
Look for the apartment blasting
plz stop protestin
For some odd reason I feel inclined to think it was not because of your AMA thread.
Do it as a thread and I'll happily let it stay.
HLTV school
Did you just call me a bitch?!
HLTV school
Make friends with everyone. You never know who's gonna bring a gun.
Rain is sold to SK-gaming
Hiding (and studying) on the French Riviera these days, so not as much time for as I'd like. Keeping in touch with the Norwegian scene in several ways, though! Didn't know you were still arou...