high school in larisa, greece 2001-2004
BSC in computer science and telecom in athens, greece2005-2009
msc in Data Analytics at DTU, denmark from 2009-2011
national service in 35th SF unit in cyprus 2011-2012

playing only for fun purposes
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ANY 2010 USERS ?
NiP cursed
if it was lets say starladder then nip would probably win like 16-5.
seems that turkish cant get away from their past. Times are changing though and thats for the best. Young turkish people should stay away from the nationalist ideology of the past. times are rough and...
FaZe vs Cloud9
Fluke or not they were 0-2 in the groyps and then they won vs astralis vp g2 sk faze for the major. Thats definitely not luck or randomness. Kinda reminds me noa in cpl summer 2004
FaZe vs Cloud9
C9 could have won a major!!
FaZe vs Cloud9
Wellc9 won vs the best the world! Only.faze left
Cloud9 vs SK
Im a c9/excoL/exarea51 fan. But you gotta admit if SK had boltz and a good rest we dont stand a chance boiz. Nevertheless im happy for my team
Cloud9 vs SK
Thats pretty much every top team in the world right now
Misfits vs Space Soldiers
Have watched csgo in a while.... Misfts are.plqying really really bad!! Mayve its the map
fnatic vs EnVyUs
On german servers we have 40ms with vdsl. Idk what internet mykonos has but my guess is 24 adsl and very far away from dslam. Thats why it sucks
CPH Wolves changing lineup?
At the time pimp was top3 danish player
Clg are playing proper cs by utilizing roles and double awp eu style!!! Thats how a team should play. Fuck the streamers
Gambit vs Cloud9
Its gg for cloud9
NiP vs G2
Still no igl
NiP vs G2
Actually nip needs a double awp. If rez can awp (idk if he can) then forest gtr rez draken xizt is a good combo. Or maybe twist which is a solid pick for me instead of friberg