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covid-19 = 2500 deaths typical winter coronavirus (also called the flu) = 41k deaths in us, 60k in eu the last 2 months get over with it
dude the old ak sound was lit af. it was like an automatic nail gun. also the awp change they did back in the day(reduced speed) was also crap, panorama ui is just unecessary and i wish i could revert...
i7 9700 vs 9700kf vs 9700k
i have an i5 8600k (i made my pc back in 2018) and im running everything just perfect.
i7 9700 vs 9700kf vs 9700k
actually i5 9600kf is really good for his money. i would buy it. ryzen shines mostly at high end models
i7 9700 vs 9700kf vs 9700k
get amd. there is literally no reason to buy intel in 2020
Favourite player and why?
he started to degrade since then because of the stupid awp change valve did back in the day that killed aggro awpers
Turks blonde hair?
it depends. the turks that have really turkish roots from central asia and mongolia they dont. If they were balkan or greek or w/e anatolian heritage and became "turkified" then yes
Turks blonde hair?
turks are not arabs lel
1.6 fans come
me : cries in nostalgia coat
Asian Superstar Team
Hacker gaming were also good and tyloo with goodrifle
Atheists dont exist
But who created my creator? are we living in a matrix? are we just a virtualization of an alternate reality and we all just living in the same dream? What is a universe and what is the total space it...
NiKo's aim is overrated
lets make a team consisting of glaive, niko, simple, device and magisk
Astralis Era
that is why everyone else is so low these days. navi are inconsistent af they can lose from nonamers 16-5 and win vs astralis 16-5. swedish cs died completely (it was on top for 17 years tho cant com...
Old Guys Club vs Hysteria
silent looks like he's selling smack to teens