high school in larisa, greece 2001-2004
BSC in computer science and telecom in athens, greece2005-2009
msc in Data Analytics at DTU, denmark from 2009-2011
national service in 35th SF unit in cyprus 2011-2012

playing only for fun purposes
Forum posts
If c9 sign draken.....
+cerq or hobbit
100% legit, FaZe F I X (no scam)
the faze fix is to get a nice IGL and a solid defensive player. imo krimz instead of olof (he is done) + gobb. Gob b is definitely the best igl right now
vici guys are playing together for a long time now. they should be better
most likeable pro
tastes like kevin bacon
TYLOO vs Renegades
tyloo arent a solid top10 team yet, but they are showing signs of improvement the past year
Uefa CL Group prediction
monaco, atl barcelona, inter psg liverpool lokomotiv, porto (lel this group) bayern benfica man city lyonnais real roma juve valencia
Kinguin vs Ghost
this koosta guy...... he is so bad and inconsistent. reminds me of pug heroes
TYLOO vs Kinguin
are they paying that DD guy to play when there are choices like attacker and savage etc?
"Crimea ours", come here
tatars are turks. just like kazakhs uzbeks etc. actually they are more turkish than turkey
Tainted Minds vs Uniquestars
fake ins did well
ANY 2010 USERS ?
NiP cursed
if it was lets say starladder then nip would probably win like 16-5.
seems that turkish cant get away from their past. Times are changing though and thats for the best. Young turkish people should stay away from the nationalist ideology of the past. times are rough and...
FaZe vs Cloud9
Fluke or not they were 0-2 in the groyps and then they won vs astralis vp g2 sk faze for the major. Thats definitely not luck or randomness. Kinda reminds me noa in cpl summer 2004