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Turks blonde hair?
it depends. the turks that have really turkish roots from central asia and mongolia they dont. If they were balkan or greek or w/e anatolian heritage and became "turkified" then yes
Turks blonde hair?
turks are not arabs lel
1.6 fans come
me : cries in nostalgia coat
Asian Superstar Team
Hacker gaming were also good and tyloo with goodrifle
Atheists dont exist
But who created my creator? are we living in a matrix? are we just a virtualization of an alternate reality and we all just living in the same dream? What is a universe and what is the total space it...
NiKo's aim is overrated
lets make a team consisting of glaive, niko, simple, device and magisk
Astralis Era
that is why everyone else is so low these days. navi are inconsistent af they can lose from nonamers 16-5 and win vs astralis 16-5. swedish cs died completely (it was on top for 17 years tho cant com...
Old Guys Club vs Hysteria
silent looks like he's selling smack to teens
If c9 sign draken.....
+cerq or hobbit
100% legit, FaZe F I X (no scam)
the faze fix is to get a nice IGL and a solid defensive player. imo krimz instead of olof (he is done) + gobb. Gob b is definitely the best igl right now
vici guys are playing together for a long time now. they should be better
most likeable pro
tastes like kevin bacon
TYLOO vs Renegades
tyloo arent a solid top10 team yet, but they are showing signs of improvement the past year
Uefa CL Group prediction
monaco, atl barcelona, inter psg liverpool lokomotiv, porto (lel this group) bayern benfica man city lyonnais real roma juve valencia