Most retarded, delusional and braindead community on internet.. I'm here to throw 2 minutes of my life every day and laugh to same; above described people.
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hey atheists
I don't.. If anything when I do I don't celebrate for myself, it's to respect other members of family.
Yugoslavian flag on HLTV!!
New to HLTV. Welcome.
Yugoslavian flag on HLTV!!
You should ask your parents. Also I feel sorry for you :(
Olofm sick IRL
Who the fuck care ? Everyone get sick.
Im a refugee
"I dont wanna fight for my country and my people." You mean "I don't have with what to fight for my country". Clearly mad citizen of Germany, or some "West" country who is working for poor salar...
Is AMD FX 8350 a good cpu for gaming?
Not anymore near top gaming cpus. That is fact. If you want gaming cpu get intel i5/i7 depending on budget. If you want budget PC then go for 960/8350 for example. But dont try to feel good by gett...
You are young and new then.
And its over ...
About ?
They fucked up whole game as soon as they released statement that they are against mods. Didnt play since then, update doesnt looks promising neither worth of installing game again.
black people
You dont have to be known. Are all football players known ? You dont know about 99% players and they are all profesional. You are delusional, thats your problem.
new shoes
Guy pretty much responded down below. When I go out to buy shoes I look how they look, if I try and they are confortable I dont care are they air max, jordans or noname brand. Why would I wear somethi...
new shoes
I laugh at people who choose shoes and ask for opinions lol. These times..
What if...
But on what..?
Putin, our hero?
Not bigger then US/Germany/UK all together.
Putin, our hero?
US did 20x same/worse thing. I'm actually glad that they are doing that. Aside from that..learn facts and happening in world, if you think that they are doing wrong thing you are delusional as every M...