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LGBTQ classes in school
If a trans person who was born male transitions to female through the use of surgery and other means, ask yourself one SIMPLE question. Why do trans never change their age when they are transitioning...
being gay is a choice
It's fine to be gay. Being trans is being retarded.
Truth about Trump
Ironic that you say his actions are retarded, yet you’re more than likely from a country letting in swarms of immigrants without validating identity, and increasing the likelihood of crime, theft, mur...
Best ROCK bands?
I agree my new Finland friend.
Best ROCK bands?
AC/ DC Live at Donington 1992
ill tell you why astralis is boring
UK judging lmao
FIFA 19 :(((
RIP my comment got deleted, someone got triggered 2018.
FIFA 19 :(((
Ty my Italian friend. xoxo
Why does life matter to you?
We are full.
Lifting stats
None of these are relevant lmao
japan people come here
Went to Japan this year and ts an amazing country. Respectful people and great food. Let’s be honest your gun laws in America will overtake the death toll in the future from Pearl Harbour.
Thoughts on transgenders ?
Being transgender is just roleplaying.
Man hits her PREGNANT wife while on stream
No man should ever hit a woman under any circumstances. I would also like to know if he plays and streams for an income and living. If so, she needs to try also respect his boundaries and be better u...
I said hello to a girl
Sounds like she’s a moron and doesn’t deserve your attention.
Useless degree?
Gender studies.