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R8 your parents
10/10 Taught me to work hard and accomplish goals in life. Thank god I wasn’t raised to be a leftist retard.
Americans come here
Third world
Learn from Australia plebs and have strict gun laws. School shoots and mass shootings don’t exist in Australia.
Americans come here
3rd world Immigrants not accepted sorry.
Americans come here
Australia best country. Heath care for all Workers insurance for all We turn back illegal immigrant boats
This Netherlands kid is a spastic.
destroyed lmao Australians don’t talk logic to a person who believes a life times work should be given away because life isn’t fair and nobody should have that much money. It’s clear you have no suc...
Letting a fellow Aussie know what kind of spastics live on the otherwise of the world. Lmao
Saumyax Look at this absolute boomers approach to life. Imagine him trying to survive in Australia with that attitude. KEK
You have no concept of reality and what it means to be successful and achieve goals. Have you considered the amount he donates and what he does for the world. Shut the fuck up boomer you have no ide...
Why should he have to lose it because a bunch of spastics in government cannot use tax dollars better for their people. Fuck me dead the Left are idiots.
Who deserve a major
Australia We have the best crowd and entertain twitch.
What to do when i hear my parents clapping at night?
Film them, show them and bribe them for a 2080 TI
Joaquin Phoenix Joker
+1 two different storyline’s. Both were amazing.
USA's weath is impressive?
Which ones men :(