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Most epic UFC fight?
legal groin strikes without gloves as well
Sensitivity question
it doesn't skip any pixels at higher dpi, you can't really notice it unless you REALLY look for it and it disappears around 1600+ dpi, if you're on or under 400dpi and 1920 you might see it can go on...
anoying twitch ad
Nano adblocker + Nano defender, haven't seen a twitch ad for a long time
[Spoilers] GoT
that's what happens when shows go ahead of the books and hollywood takes over
mountain vs hound final fight
1 episode on them recovering, 1 someone marching toward the other, 1 end fight
khabibs coach
https://twitter.com/iamfhmeer/status/1048813788894547968 conor was swinging first so yeah they had a reason.. pro fighter attacks their corner guy
Sensitivity problem pls halp
pretty sure it's 2.1 (7/11 is 1.5 and 6/11 is 1 multipliers in windows) to make certain though, create an offline server, type cl_showpos 1 , move crosshair until the angle hits 0 , go from 1 side o...
you do have cl_predictweapons 1 and cl_lagcompensation 1? I used to get something like this in 1.6 years ago and it turned out to be the box for internet on the street, they said the wire for my house...
he is good for killing time between delays and pauses when nobody has anything left to talk about, don't take him serious otherwise
Pro cheaters
I think the videos are trying to point out these exact same movements over and over always being done in under 0.1s or w/e and only when they are shooting at people shows there might be something to l...
Loba smoke settings
guess they're talking about contrast and shader settings, can see through smokes that are disappearing a little easier
there are just too many tournaments, the best teams play vs each other every few days and like every 2-3 weeks at lan. isn't any event i'm looking forward to watching because of this other than the ma...
CS:GO smooth only first time i start the game
i've had it because of 2 different issues, 1st on my old pc because of too many items in inventory was causing it somehow, maybe they've fixed that bug now? 2nd happened after cs was playing for 1...
Mouz are terrible
lmbt taught him well