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who will win ESL season 9 finals
I would call for Jonathan E. to be honest.
Baltics league
Baltics league
We had Zalgiris CS:GO team? 🤯
Baltics league
Lul, not this link. Why is there still no edit button on forum threads? I am dissapointed HLTV! 😤
Furia rank deserved???
I like him aswell, but he is not in my core team of HLTV's staff. I know Tgwri1s since probably 2006, when both of us helped Lithuanian 1.6 league with organisation, don't even remember what the name ...
Furia rank deserved???
I didn't ask for your comment aswell but yet you commented and yet I gave you straight away a pure fact.
Furia rank deserved???
Why would I? I've been in a lot of different sites which covers CS:GO (used to be 1.6) and believe me, this core staff is best. No wonder why HLTV became #1 site for CS.
Furia rank deserved???
To be honest, HLTV is run by the most professional staff members - Martin, Luis, Petar and Per - the main core of HLTV staff. Believe me, they are legit. I've never seen such an level of administratio...
Cheating online
Ofcourse it is possible.
Cyberpunk 2077 !!!
Why would you not sleep?
FURIA vs Vitality
Thats what I said before, when teams will start study them - GG.
Addicted to heroin. Used to do it 8 years, every day. Prison for 1.5 years, then rehab for 1.5 years, now I've rellapsed after being two years clean. Waiting two weeks for methadone/suboxone maitenanc...
They wont be first, thats a fact. But yeah, they are best in Brasil. :) dont forget boys, that nobody even knows how they are playing. once teams start study them - they aint win that easily.
Why? Why did you mention that it's T2 scene? It doesnt change a fact that Kjaerbye is getting back to his old form. And about Vitality, you cant just deny that they are doing pretty good. What does m...
T2 still a pro scene. Stop acting like you know more than them.