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I started playing CS in 2005 when I was 10.

Biggest NiP fan on HLTV? Maybe. Probably.
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Europe dying
The reason of the population boom is not because of poverty, but the opposite. The disappearing of their poverty.
Japanese Age of Consent
If they want to reduce shootings, they should.
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Okay fine, then you just happen to have a taste that differs from most of the worlds. Most people of the world would rate Russian girls hotter than British too for your information
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That's because you're not comparing averages, you're comparing hot famous people, right?
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Yes it's subjective, but it's still measurable in statistics. It doesn't make sense for you to say UK have hotter girls than Sweden because you've seen like 5 hot brits. I doubt you would say the same...
7yo Fortnite Pro
No, it shows how easy that game is
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Because when you think of brittish girls you think about hot famous ones that you like, which is stupid. We're talking about average looks of the average person. You need to see thousands and thousand...
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mad cos you're a ginger?
Japanese Age of Consent
It can very easily be done. But it wont. Because there's too much money in selling guns.
Japanese Age of Consent
The weapon industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and in a country run by lobbying of course they're gonna have their way. Banning guns is definitely the morally right thing to do, but in the way...
Japanese Age of Consent
Which is fucking retarded. Not freedom of speech, we have that here in Europe too and many other parts of the world, you're actually ranked far from highest in freedom of press / freedom of speeh.The ...
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wtf I'm not arab you retard
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Hahahaha have you been to both countries?
Of course everyone can have their own music taste, ive always respected that. But never before have I thought that the most popular music has been as shitty as today. Maybe thats a sign of getting old...
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Why? Because i think brits look ugly? Yeah that makes sense, swedes are considered one of the best looking people