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I started playing CS in 2005 when I was 10.

Biggest NiP fan on HLTV? Maybe. Probably.
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Greta Thunturd
No one. And neither does this 16 year old girl. It's easier pointing fingers and being an alarmist :)
people still play that game? lol
Top 5 Eras
he's obviously delusional and/or a troll
Are Pros Dumb?
Not being good at english or good at explaining yourself in interviews is not the same as being dumb though. I also want the krieg and aug to be nerfed and vertigo is a terrible map
Football/soccer fans
Football/soccer fans
People do it because it's fun. For the adrenaline. Why is it a problem do you think? It's not like regular people get beaten up, at least not in our countries. Ultras/hooligans are fighting each othe...
wasted talents cuz of old VAC ban?
I can guarantee you that many many pros have tried cheats just for fun. If not in CSGO then in 1.6/source
oh yes
APEX Hacking
Yeah I think the meme started a year ago with a bunch of different versions like doomer, zoomer, boomer etc, where a boomer was a late 20s/early30s guy who have started to do things stuff that the bab...
APEX Hacking
millenials are born before 1996. I have a feeling most kids saying "ok boomer" are born well into the 2000s
APEX Hacking
worst meme of 2019
In many countries melatonin is OTC and its very available for people to buy online in the countries where it's only prescribed.
Why is this in my recommendation?
doppler effect
I think most people have a hard time falling asleep sometimes due to different factors that aren't related to any diagnosed insomnia or other diagnosed sleep disorder, no?
And being immune to placebo is not possible. If you know that something doesn't have an effect or that it's a placebo, then it's not a placebo anymore. But if you got something in a double-blinded stu...