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I started playing CS in 2005 when I was 10.

Biggest NiP fan on HLTV? Maybe. Probably.
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Few beers every night?
What you're describing is a mild alcoholism. I'd slow down if I were you, while it's still easy
Have barely been on the hltv forums for the last 2 years, but wtf has happened with all the indians all of the sudden? Is it a meme or something or are there actually this many indians here now?
Best Headset for CSGO
+1 sennheiser, audio-technica, beyerdynamics etc
Best Headset for CSGO
overrated jobs
Just because it's hard to get in doesnt make the education hard. It's just attractive. Medicine is not easy but definitely overrated in terms of how hard it is. Basically an idiot can pass it if he ...
overrated jobs
Yes than physchology for sure. But not compared to a real MSc :)
pubg is like the most boring game ever. So fucking slow paced. You have to sit still and wait for sounds for 5 minutes+ at a time. Fuck that shit. Even Ring of elysium is better
overrated jobs
I agree with OP, doctors are way overrated, especially in terms of social status. Their education is not harder than any other real MSc
like what games?
Prestyling for hair
Buzz cut first
Prestyling for hair
Wtf is pre styling? Pre what? Just use some good wax. Or just buzz cut your hair
No shit. Its CS, Its built for competitive play
No, it shows how out of touch valve is with csgo. Also making it free to play will increase cheaters by a ten fold
after your first sex
Where the legal age is 18, isnt it??
short girl or tall girl?
In russia the average height is 164cm for females