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F0rest massively overrated
the bait is real
f0rest or GeT_RighT
f0rest was the hard carry of fnatic (a perennial top5 team and world no.1 multiple times) for 4 years before GTR came along , and even though GTR had better pure stats in 2009, people wayyyy underesti...
HS not skinny anymore
cut first then do a slow bulk. trying to lose fat while gaining muscle only works if you're a total new person to the gym. after you get noob gains you won't be able to lose fat and gain muscle
Jame is the biggest baiter ever
When did I claim to be one? It's my post and my opinion. Your entire post is projection.
Jame is the biggest baiter ever
Star player of a t2 team maintaining rating through saving and exit fragging. No tier 1 team will ever sign a player with that mindset.
Jame is the biggest baiter ever
Are you actually trying to defend the fact that Jame is clearly a player that maintains his rating through exit kills and saving constantly?
top exit fragger vs. everyone /closed
Having 3 deaths in an 8-7 half means there is clearly a problem in managing his productivity as a player. He clearly he needs to do more to have some impact.
Top 1 food from your country
Actually I didn't mean to imply they aren't, and I agree with you, they are both pretty decently healthy food. I think this guy is really dumb for saying something like "anything more than once a week...
Top 1 food from your country
Not anymore than a gyro or kebab. It isn't like meat on a bun with toppings is magically unhealthy because it's called a burger.
Boxing Question
Because he's arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time and just fought less than a year and a half ago
Boxing Question
Obvious troll but no you wouldn't hit him once
-Tarik +?
Definitely not. Great players but tarik has been a top NA player for 4 years, these guys need more results.
s1mple 2018 vs coldzera 2016
cold maintained an insane level of play for roughly 2 years through majors and huge tournaments. simple is great but his teams haven't accomplished much and he hasn't achieved anything close to what...
s1mple 2018 vs coldzera 2016
cold still has better consistency, especially when you think about high pressure matches. but s1mple's skill is clearly the highest any player has ever reached in csgo.