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rule 1, don't play at your full potential or use your best strats at first stage, ultimately losing against those who do. Make note of their strats and prepare to anti strat in next stages.
rule 2, win second set of matches destroying those who tried but lost.
rule 3, continue onto next stage, rinse repeat.
Forum posts
What was your last keyboard, maybe start there.
Buyin' new mouse
You won't like za13 coming from kinzu
GetRight 1.6 or GTR CSGO?
He was best with xai accel just like everyone else who used it :) markeloff, gux, delpan etc
Stopped playing CS
time for a new girlfriend
windows taking forever to boot after last update
Sounds like a failed update, you might need to use Microsoft DISM tools to rebuild the operating system image or files. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/repair-a-...
Prob 300 and over, cpu is king in csgo
The Ultimate Counter-Strike Quiz
Ahh I think it's coming back to me, it was euro boycott due to cpl payout issues. Prob never watched it because it was only american teams.
The Ultimate Counter-Strike Quiz
I think one of the questions said n0thing won a CPL, I don't think this is true or I misread.
The Ultimate Counter-Strike Quiz
Nice, well done
WTF Mertz?
There's a hacker at this event... SK now mertz...
Cheating in the pro scene
Why is stewie2k using a old trash laser mouse right now?
Same here Xai with original older firmware 1.27 and 1.36 was the best mouse I've ever used, I was most consistent with it. all day 3k-4k spray downs, 1 taps, triple 1 tap deags, ak hs, felt invincibl...
Dammit I was hoping for a clip of him playing CS with a title like that.
Coldzera TOP FACTS!
Uses only two fingers, index and middle to move his player at all times. Most people use first three fingers then pinky for modifier duck and walk.
Looks like he was interping thus looking like he was shooting behind meanwhile not on his screen, either way he missed all shots.