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New Polish top team !
it'd be interesting to see it happen, but I'm almost sure, that if TaZ has any plans to take a revenge on VP a server, he's gonna make an international team
TaZ ANALYST please.
I'd rather see him try to bounce back and create another interesting international team
Tricked vs Kinguin
they've just signed contracts untill 2020, so VP would have to buy him out, not sure how much would it cost them, but Furlan might be a good decision too, even though I still think they need a full-ti...
Tricked vs Kinguin
Well, at first, before Taz added his post, I thought that yeh, he could be back, refreshed after onemonth, but it seems like it's not gonna happen. So right now I see few possible things to happen: 1)...
Tricked vs Kinguin
it will, maybe not results-wise, as it's only one month for now, but it will surely bring some freshness and it's kind of a wake up call to remind the rest of them, especially neo and byali, that no1 ...
Tricked vs Kinguin
michu to vp the dream
That's what happens when u eat a spicy kebab and u need to go to the toilet asap
Madrid is fuckin' cold these days... -19 and -11 degrees, depends on which part of the city u live at.
VP best moments
Cannot believe it's real. They had a lot of bad moments, but it's never been THAT bad. I still hope they can show us the real VP spirit and at least advance to the play offs. If they go 0-3 the only s...
r8 new VP
I don't think so, pasha is good with rifles too, + he can contribute more to the team as support
it's funny how they started to play like shit since he posted it :D
r8 new VP
byali is useless when he's not doing what he was supposed to do since the beggining (fragging) and we all know he's been utter shit the last few months. Furthermore, he's a crybaby when he gets killed...
r8 new VP
-snax -pasha -neo -michu -szpero and maybe they'd be able to fight with AGO for top1 Poland :D
poland TRUTH
European Union cannot have bigger impact on what's going on inside a certain country than the country's government itself. Of course the leftist ruling the EU will disagree with everything that doesn'...
Licking pussy
Guess ur girlfriend avoided shower for some reason