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RPG game suggest me
Lineage 2 classic. It's MMORPG, but it's definitely worth it if u're bored and u have a lot of spare time
vp respect thread
Yeah, you're completely right. Pasha has already said that it might be his last major and it would be cool if they'd regain the legends status, however I doubt it he wouldn't play in Katowice if he ha...
vp respect thread
actually neo & taz will still remain as the longest duo that ever played together (at least for some time)
vp respect thread
RIP, but for me the golden 5 ended when pasha replaced luq. Still, been a fan of them since 2007/2008. It's really heart breaking to see them struggling so much right now, especially neo, as he's the ...
Imperial vs AGO
what did he write?
The EU and Poland
That's kind of a different story, ur country was the agressor, not the US. That's why u were destroyed, yet u still got helped a lot even if u didn't really deserve it. The reason why they helped u i...
The EU and Poland
Germany lost too, yet they received a shitload of money due to EU recovery program (Marshall's Plan). They wouldn't be where they are now if it wasn't for it :)
The EU and Poland
Germany still didn't pay their ww2 reperations to Poland which could stand at $850 billion now (according to some sources). I'm not trying to justify the polish government's decisions towards the EU, ...
OpTic vs
so is VP, will be a tough game for both teams lol
VP 0-3?
I'd be really surprised if they won't go 0-3
top5 1.6 players
1. Neo 1. f0rest 3. trace 4. markeloff 5. Really hard to pick the 5th tho, it's either GTR/zneel (the sickest famas player ever)/walle/zonic imo
- rogue - NIP - Tyloo - Renegades - Vega Squadron - HR - Liquid - Astralis
can't invade shit when u're already being invaded, agree on snax's shit performance tho
Do you believe god?
no, I don't believe him
Still none of my relatives are part of them, so why the fuck would I care about it? How many of them were part of terrorist groups? How many of them did cause any terrorist attacks? I literally have n...