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a lot of things tbh, depends on how long are u willing to stay there
that's not a problem really, most of young people speak english and there are also a lot of tourists, especially around the center
Find the train to Cracow
Most boring history countries?
Canada definately
NIP and VP top form atm. Should've organised a showmatch between these two, at least one of them would've won finally
Is god real?
Of course I am real.
rip poland
Who cares about his sanctions anyway? What is France nowadays compared to what it used to be? :D He loves refugees so much, so it shouldn't bother him to take another few thousands in. Just imagine th...
Countries you DON"t want to visit
Refugees don't count as visitors :<
What's wrong with fans celebrating theirs team victory? People these days... :|
Best country to move when Germany more Muslims?
Then it might be a perfect choice for you :)
Best country to move when Germany more Muslims?
The weather sucks in Ireland tho ;(
Best country to move when Germany more Muslims?
Poland is a great choice tbh, the only thing that u can be frustrated about are the salaries, as many have said already. If u speak english fluently, then u're gonna be fine. In the big cities almost ...
Just don't, it gets annoying after u become one.
How does he see?????
Imagine his eyes after some weed
Serious disease/illness/injury
Yeah, I've got legend disease and it's a fucking horrible experience. Here's a little example, although it's only a drop in the ocean: