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redCode vs Evil Geniuses
Yeah Storm had like 2 kills that last match one as T and one as CT time to retire him.
compLexity vs Area51
coL will probably have to face Tyloo next that will be a hard match to pick depends on the map. I'm not crazy about how the whole tournament was setup, there are a lot of teams that should have advanc...
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
I just mean overall career. Markeloff hasn't been around very long it's hard to compare the 2 at this point.
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
Any team can win on any given day at this level but Na'Vi has been on fire for the last few months and have to be the favorite to win. But will the jet lag from a long flight from Europe along with a ...
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
fnatic has Gux back now lets see what happens next time they meet up.
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
Since when? Markeloff is the flavor of the month but Frod has been getting it done for how long now?
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
They are home you moron EG is from the U.S. some even from Texas.
Evil Geniuses vs
Using your logic everyone on the planet is an immigrant except Africans since supposedly everyone migrated out of Africa into the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
fnatic vs Evil Geniuses
They still playing inferno?
mTw vs Evil Geniuses
Will depend on the map they get + a little luck won't hurt anyone. Both groups are so good it's to close to call anything.
mvp of arbalet cup europe ?
I think face and KHRYSTAL saved SK from losing to EG on dust2 and getting them to final so out of those 2 I have to go with KHRYSTAL.
Evil Geniuses vs alchemists
How come I cant connect to watch the match. If it says players 0/0 I can't connect says server full but if it says 0/255 I can connect anyone can help?