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Turkey in 2 words
a bird
North vs
You should regret that you don't watch TdF. Now 2 Poles are in the lead in the individual time trial in Marseille. Bodnar has huge chances to win today :)
North vs
Off course I watch. How could I miss the biggest sport event of this year?
North vs
Good news that it starts 30 minutes earlier. I would like this match to be played even at 10.00 because of Tour de France broadcast.
CSGO dying
Normal situation. CSGO is 5 years old. When CS 1.6 was 5 years old it was 2009 and its popularity was dropping. Around 2019 or 2020 we will have a new CS.
VP Players Roles
byali - bot pasza - bot (awp) neo - bot sNax - bot taz - bot
lowest iq pro?
Police in your language
no, I can't agree with that. Fuck has means something else in Polish.
Police in your language
no, but some people in Poland use the word "kurwa" almost like a comma. For example "I'm going kurwa to the shop today" or "Don't look kurwa back". "Kurwa" in fact has one meaning (whore), but as I s...
I'm from 2018
map 3 score?
Ferrer smokes a lot. Even 20 cigarettes per day.
VP roster change
you mean legend and biceps?
Explaining Islam/Muslims & The false idea about them
Is it written in Koran to kill infidels?
Will the market crash? Should we sell?
Off course the market will go down. Look - CSGO is 4 years old. It's not a new game anymore and its popularity will decrease slowly in 2-3 years. Some new FPS game (Overwatch probably? - i cant even r...
Well done PEPE