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El Classico Portugal
That goal (Andre goal) also reminded me of this match (the goal scored @4:25) and Benfica coach reaction is priceless :D
El Classico Portugal
Deserved win. Should have been 2-0 or 3-0.
TSM Tier 20
People forget that TSM also placed terrible in a LAN before their latest LAN victory. Or they just cry over lost bets. Either way.
device humiliated lurpiss
Maybe it's time for you to finish 5th grade instead of wasting your time trying to troll people on a gaming forum.
TSM #1 Denmark best country
"Maikelele cheated" NIP's Logic Reasoning
LGB back to tier 1 Team
Yes, lets make a thread everyday a team underperforms a little. Mirage is one of TSM worst maps, and LGB are good on the map.
Dailymotion Website Problem..............Solution Any1...
Did you try to restart chrome and disable plugins?
Dailymotion Website Problem..............Solution Any1...
I had a similar problem with twitch once, where it was just a blank page. It helped that I restarted my pc, so might be your problem too? Or try to delete cache/cookies
[FOOTAGE] Flusha STILL using aimkey.exe @ DreamHackWinter2014
Flusha you fat pubichair bearded fuck
ROFL logic is real in the UK.
flusha useless?
Maybe he should hacks less and start to shave his pubic haired beard.
JW best
I arent think that
i've got a gf
AH, I found it!
i've got a gf
Which thread did this "I arent think that" start. I can't remember :(