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CS20 case
Yeah, say that to people who got rich.
Users with gf come here
Well, sometimes I pay, sometimes she pays, but in general I pay more often as I earn more money. But it depends on a girl, she is not the type who would want me to pay for everything..
Moops vs ECLOT
Don't be jealous of other people's money, it is not healthy. ;)
45 Years For Killing Dog
You know what, everyone knows about this. So if you try to rob a place with a gun for three times, there is no hope for you and you are danger to society. It might seem harsh, but on the other hand,...
45 Years For Killing Dog
It is true as it doesn't matter how much you steal, crime is still a crime, check AfterPrisonShow on YouTube, plenty of information. Interesting stuff.
45 Years For Killing Dog
It is not about killing a dog, more about a robbery, which was his third felony.. there is a three-strikes law in US. There are stupid people out there, who would rob a gas station three times, steali...
Tall people
Well ok, but how often do you meet people this tall? This thread is just retarded. :D
Tall people
196cm and I don't really feel being tall. Just every now and then someone else will remind me.. also I don't think I am looking awkward walking down the street, lol.
Video not available. :( Anyone could post a mirror?
Aleksib WTF? Turned down for 1.000.000 $
Must have been hard for him, but this just shows you he wants to win titles. He doesn't want to get stuck in some t2/3 team and play NA teams all year... I think he realises that after a year of this ...
Worst country you visited?
I have been to Scotland, USA, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Sweden and France this year. I was afraid of Ukraine and Poland, but at the end, those countries were fucking perfect and I had good time....
Your Internet
10/1 23$ not even joking.. unluko
CS not in English = retardation
566k viewers XD
> life is too short to watch the same thing every day > life is too short for commenting shit on HLTV pick one xd oh wait, you are watching and have no life
2-0 for AVANGAR
You are shit lying human being and you can keep your dlore.