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Torqued vs Windigo
you like to spin facts around, whatever mate, gl in Bulgaria, enjoy your food
Torqued vs Windigo
It also says a lot about you. If you don't even have willpower to do something with yourself, it says a lot. Like you are a lazy bastard who doesn't care and you will probably be lazy even at work. ...
Torqued vs Windigo
No, but it is an important part, no one wants to be around sweaty, stinky pig.. if there are 2 people with same set of skills and one of them is taking care of himself and looking good and the other i...
Torqued vs Windigo
I am not gay broski, I am just disgusted by people who doesn't care about themselves, I look down on them, you look like u still don't get it FAM
Torqued vs Windigo
lol, ok, Bulgaria might be in a different universe then gl getting a good job if you don't care how you look ^^
Torqued vs Windigo
I just hate fat people, it is quite simple.. fucking fatties everywhere
Torqued vs Windigo
nice try, you picked the only guy out of 5 who is probably going to a gym.. bubble is fine, he should give them some tips
Torqued vs Windigo
It is not random, if you are 25+ and looking like shit, you should start doing something and you deserve some body shaming. You will get it once you will be older I guess. There is no excuse for not l...
Torqued vs Windigo
I don't bet, I just turned on the stream and saw some monsters.. are you also fat fuck from Bulgaria or what
Virtus.pro vs NiP
disband already omfg I would feel ashamed earning 20k and doing nothing, they are bad people
Torqued vs Windigo
Why are the Bulgarians fat and ugly as fuck? wtf
hAdji and ScreaM
is scrim moroccan? I lost all respect
Well I work, and I am quite tired after work, but I am still cooking huge portions of food 3 times per week, then I just put it into boxes and taking it to work. Breakfast and snacks in between those ...
fucking bullshit.. you just need to eat more, you might think you are eating enough, but you are not... eat 6 times per day, 2 main meals and there is no way you will be so thin + go to gym as well......
What rank are James Bardolph and ddk?
Rank 10 ofc, is that your question?