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US green card lottery
No, I just offered a job in Texas in case he is interested after they pick him.
US green card lottery
Tbh, Poland is quite good, I enjoyed living there more than I enjoy living in both England/Scotland. You know, it all comes down to personal preferences. And also with money, any country feels good.
US green card lottery
I PM'd you
Zywoo haters
True. ZywoOo carrying 4 average players to t1 counter strike. Edit: *5
Vitality 6th?
hAdji is rash af when playing fpl nowadays.. I don't know if he plays high or what, but definitely not a good pick :D
C9 salaries
So what? :D It doesn't work like that..
Getting to Global
Getting Global is the easiest thing ever, should not take more than a week. The skill gap between your average Global player and a good player is huge. What I am trying to say - Global is nothing, it...
Just imagine how pathetic HERCEGNOVI's guys will look like after they win now ;-) Old men acting like kids, but I guess that is normal if all you do is stay at home and play pc games.
Yeah I understand that ;-) I am personally not saying that they are cheating. I am just surprised how mentally weak FPLers are, I expected more.
I think they are not cheating as well, but they might be stream sniping for sure.. which is also quite bad.
Hehe, always funny to see game like this. Are they cheating or not? : )
oBo’s statement
Give me some names then.
oBo’s statement
So oBo is a weakling. Great way to show yourself. This is one of the reasons that no one will ever consider CS:GO as a real sport. Did you ever see football or ice hockey player running away from a...
ecolai never top1
no one ever is calling dev1ce GOAT, lol