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Dignitas vs HellRaisers
It's gonna be a HELL of a match, if you know what i mean ;).
GameCrashers vs Blood
Let's go guys, i know i can give all my trust in you, go meke, gianfranco, gianfranquitz jaja, francis and nenis, show what u are really made of :)
Blood vs Argentina
Blood vs Argentina
I understand that, they could be called TB instead, cause are four of them in that team, only with mvk, i don't see a difference there, its a team with a stand-in, not a mix, and is one of the best te...
Blood vs Argentina
Jajaja, do you realize what ur talking about?, they're taxy boys + mvk, so you think that one of the best teams of argentina and one of the best players too can't beat the top team from Perú?, i think...
Blood vs Argentina
Well played by Blood, they won not cause the other team was a mix, they won cause they played better. ps: Bien Gianfranco!
Blood vs Argentina
Si, pero igual encuentras de todo, hay personas como tú, que tienen conocimiento y razón, al mismo tiempo me gusta vivir acá, es un país muy lindo, aunque obviamente extraño el mio, buena suerte en to...
Blood vs Argentina
+1, good luck guys :)
Blood vs Argentina
Gracias a Dios que existen personas como tú, y como los wachiturros, que me hacen dar cuenta de que tan jodido esta tu país y que cuando gasto acá siento que los ayudo.
Blood vs Argentina
Nada que no pueda hacer un gobierno militarista ;)
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
last night was awesome, right fnatic? (B)(B)(B)
Frag eXecutors vs TyLoo
is there any stream?:D
Frag eXecutors vs Power Gaming
TyLoo vs SC.United
goodrifle saved fnatic.
TyLoo vs SC.United
how can they don't have money after 11 rounds in a row.