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myspace.com/narrenturmpl - my myspace profile - with some of my own music :]
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Phantoml0rd Owns CSGOShuffle
and what exactly did he do wrong? I mean, beside being a streamer and maybe owning theb site?
The problem with fnatic is that they make it look soooooo easy to just go and kill the enemies and win the rounds ;)
My art! :), your art?
Really good one! :) +1!!!
Metallica pt2
Done! ;)
My art! :), your art?
Thank you! :)
My art! :), your art?
My friend makes covers for music albums - he came up with this idea and everybody immediately fell in love with it ;) Glad that you like it! ;)
My art! :), your art?
Thanks! I hope you get that tatoo design job! ;)
My art! :), your art?
Good call, will fix it asap! :) thanks for the kind words ;)
Metallica pt2
Metallica, CSGO, nothing more needed :) Nice one man! :)
My art! :), your art?
Nice! ;) Do you work as a designer of some kind? I'm involved in a folk-rock band, feel free to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xazNwmERknM and facebook.com/theplantators :)
Playing guitar + sing so hard?
At first, try to learn playing as much as you can. Then, when trying to sing - your hands will still try to follow what you learned, so it will be easier for them to stick to the song, no matter what....
It's simple. You pick the guy with the least frags in a recent game and then write a topic "oh please, why is this guy not replaced yet! Even Fifflaren is better". It's important to disregard the prev...
Name a failed game Valve has made
dude, we want, we need to get it! If not, bad Valve! :D
can valve sell cs go pls
You know, everybody asked for hitbox fix and when it comes... everybody loses their mind because of something else! It's so modern to complain ;)
KennyS toxic?
That means you cannot spell those three letters correctly ;)