resolution: 640x480
crosshair size: large
cl_crosshair_color "50 250 250"
cl_dynamiccrosshair "0"
sensitivity: 1.2
zoom sensitivity: 0.5
win sensitivity 6/11

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girls wtf
Well, I've logged @ HLTV after such a long time and saw that you reactivated my old thread. If anyone here is interested how are the things going after two years, I can tell you my story in few words ...
Need a Polish guy's help
Where are you going to live during your Erasmus?
perfect world?
Gib monies!!!11oneone
I found VOLVO hq - good luck mate! Postal address: AB Volvo SE-405 08 Gothenburg, Sweden Tel switchboard +46 31 660000 Tel reception +46 31 665170 - See more at:
euro 2016
Looking forward to game against you! It's always like "this time we're going to dominate" and then ...
Archi- does anybody remember him?
Well.. I was accused of being "racist" (:D) for calling his new home "gay house" (:
Archi- does anybody remember him?
There's no need for exclamation mark..
Archi- does anybody remember him?
Since you are new user I forgive you that you don't know what people used to write about him few years ago.
Archi- does anybody remember him?
I don't want to talk about the way he looked like (quite gay clothes in my opinion and so on), but back then, this was very interesting topic here:D
Meanwhile in Ukraine
There's no point in starting flame war.
British big balls <3
You're not a native European. Am I right? ;)
British big balls <3
Why won't you let muslims to your country and see how is it going? ;)
British big balls <3
Who's racist here?
How old is he?
Retarded matchmaking