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Much more like capitalism than communism nowadays but most people are too ignorant to realize.
to be fair, both Shanghai and Beijing is pretty expensive
Alpha Red vs TYLOO
It doesn't seemlike you know how to read. NOWHERE in these sources you linked states either Mo, DD or Tyloo has participated in match-fixing.
TYLOO vs CyberZen
tb is a 1.6 legend. tbgirl/leo is probably the same person, both vac banned.
TYLOO vs CyberZen
if you don't even know who tb is, you shouldn't comment
FaZe vs BOOT-d[S]
16-0 incoming
TYLOO vs Fierce Tiger
4 of FT's players were ex-Tyloo which you don't seem to know?
TYLOO vs Fierce Tiger
what a retard, way to go buddy
Faze vs Tyloo
! TyLoo era !
enjoy living in your xccurate centric universe alone.
! TyLoo era !
facts are better than shit you know? you should really try to back your argument with facts than opinions that you have, which, btw, are laughable at best.
! TyLoo era !
that's a thing called fact which you should learn about.
! TyLoo era !
sorry to burst your bubble, but you're close to hallucinating. xccurate carries 50 adr so far into this event, the lowest by far on tyloo, and he's not even igl'ing
! TyLoo era !
nope, it's meant for you buddy. i'm simply agreeing that the lineup shouldn't change, but disagreeing that xccurate is tyloo's 2nd best.
! TyLoo era !
the line up is working, so -xccurate doesn't make sense, but xccurate is nowhere close to being tyloo's 2nd best. somebody has been performing just as well as bntet recently.