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Sources: Sprout consider removing denis
You cannot be serious if you expect a journalist to reveal his sources. “With the standard here”. That’s the difference between a random user and a journalist with 15 years of experience.
What we learned from IEM Cologne's group stage
Read the whole paragraph.
Why mousesports decided to jump on the academy train
No, it was not paid for by mousesports (lol).
Why mousesports decided to jump on the academy train
Thank you!!
Team Ranking: May 2021
It's right in the first paragraph?
"The Wire" (tv series) questions
So weird yet so perfect!
"The Wire" (tv series) questions
Sopranos is No.2 in my book. But both are so damn good.
"The Wire" (tv series) questions
'The Wire' is the GOAT of TV shows.
RESF on RMR issues: "We don't believe that this situation will seriously affect the CIS scene or its tournaments"
Yes. On May 30, RESF issued a statement saying that it had carried out an investigation into the allegations against Akuma and that there were "no signs of foul play." https://www.twitlonger.com/show...
Dog Cancer Free (Update 4)
Congrats! Happy for you!
BIG, OG among teams invited to Spring Sweet Spring 2 playoffs
These invited teams only get prize money if they win the tournament.
HYENAS bring in cajunb to attend Flashpoint 3
Yes, Valve now allows teams to add a substitute player, so in theory cajunb may not even get to play a single match.
aizy becomes free agent
Correct, but aizy was still under contract.
Dog Cancer Update 1
Yeah, it was me. I'm a sucker for doggos <3
Dignitas stun Liquid, move on at BLAST Premier Spring Showdown
That should be solved soon. With no LANs, we rely on teams to send us profile pictures for their players. In some cases, this process takes longer.