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Extremeland Zowie
I guess they are paid 100$ per day
Not really, I started playing around 2006 I think, I was using before , it doesn'teven exist now i think and then moved to hltv..... gotfrag had way better UI than HLTV even compared to to...
We want the Blogs back!
I wrote some good blogs, gone are the days
Waiting since 2002, they just keep coming with more stuff, Nose.JS, AngularJS, this that... Programming language are languages that is needed to talk to computer... adding more layer will take you far...
I neither do Java nor JS. I do C# and C++. An Engineer can pick up many languages in no time if he knows one... but C# and Java are Similar... C++ is a different beast altogether which involves memory...
Okay, im an engineer. I know what I am talking about C/C++ > Java or C# for performance oriented application. Period. Games, OS, Network apps etc etc everything is written in C++. Java is written in C...
Noob, this is C++
pubg > csgo
Do you realize, CSGO wont take much long to make a PUBG mod? most of the code needed for that is written already
HLTV racists
dude the kids here are KIDS. they young dumb and broke. When they grow up they wont be racist.
1999 People come here
91 Master Race.
i rate your job
Game Engineer , USA. ! Making VR games for a living.
ELO system fail in team game?
No ultimately match wins matter, you cant do a 30-15 every game. this is not dota2 to super carry.
ELO system fail in team game?
So you are saying that the percentage of queue with same skill people is decent?