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how to see your old blog posts?
Could you link me his profile please? I tried searching for "Jonathan E" in the search bar, but it came up empty. =)
Where is zaihtaM?
Also, if anyone knows how to find my blog posts, please tell me.
Where is zaihtaM?
lmao, I googled "zaihtam hltv", trying to find one of my blog posts (all seem to be gone though), and found this thread. If anyone still cares: since the death of 1.6, the only contact I have with e...
UFC: Anthony Johnson vs The Mauler
MAULER! I'm so fucking excited for Saturday. Tickets and walk in tshirt bought!
weed vs alcohol
i say weed even though ive never tried it. this hangover sucks.
Swedish politics
dmg -> le UNPOSIBEL???
The reason I'm stuck in DMG is because im often playing with irls who are single AK. Acing every round is quite difficult even if you're playing versus bad people. When I play with the ppl I played...
CS:GO will die
CS:GO will die
I don't think you were around during the beta. Changes took a long fucking time, they were often bad. Then Valve claimed that they wouldn't release the game until it was "ready". And they released ...
CS:GO will die
CSP died because the dev team and Alex Garfield couldn't agree on shares for the company, so therefore no company no game no investors. There actually was plans for investors, name change, full ti...
CS:GO will die
[ITALIC]"Don't act like you made it all by yourself, lol"[/ITALIC] Quoting myself from another post: "This is a blog I wrote about changes that had to happen for the game to get big, go and look i...
CS:GO will die
With full time devs, and investors backing the game CSP definitely couldve gained traction. But people got greedy (if it was alex, the devs or both, i dont know). GO during beta wasn't that much of...
CS:GO will die
Im saying that feedback is an elementary fucking part of gamedeveloping. Especially if you have no clue on how the game works as an esport (because the team definitely didn't before, and I don't think...
CS:GO will die
You don't think the community complaining and writing posts like that (both in terms of esports infrastructure and gameplay) inspired Valve to make changes? You don't think that people refusing to ...
CS:GO will die
You guys do realise that the game was bloody awful back then right? Do you also realise that you can thank the critical people for the game being good right now, because they provided feedback for...