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NaVi with Zeus was better?
Navi wa destoryed when simple joined... Dont mather how good this guy is he takes up to much space in a team... It have been nothing but disepointments since he joined.. They have tried change evry p...
Neymar could be joining Juve
overated player , all he have been doing last years and whine when he dont get what he wants , he should be happpy psg dont take this further , he still have a contract to follow. Then all injurys ...
Well for starters i dont know why the swedish teams keeps continue playing xist as a in game leader...... He was a good rifler in 1.6 proboly one of the best in the world when it comes to fire powe...
Danish scene Shuffle
you ddint get the roles correct in a single team you made... And repalce hunnden for cadian like he can frag?
FAZE takes 50% sticker money
stickers is csgo concract i highly doubt they do that , why would he even bring this up the guy is just desprate for attention... he just wants to get out of his contract to earn more millions ...
KennyS GOAT awper?
Kennys goat in awp? are you on drugs? you know being a goat requires to be dominate in something for a very long time .... kennys had like 1 year where he was good but evne then he still was c...
Why is astralis era over?
no radar smoke buggs and nvidia buggs
AWP Nerf ideas
they kinda have a small nerf already , veritgo is kinda sucky for awp ... so if ppl or pros gonna pick thos map awp will have very low impaact.
flusha busted
he is a smart player and human , why waste money on skins in the first place...
flusha busted
he is a cheater cuz he dont have skins ? are you just trolling or the most retardd person in the world?
csgo update
its still gonna be worth invest 3300 k , the problem is you can zoom in from inferno mid down t slope and spray and hit evry bullet dead on... its like haveing autopsniper on steroids for 3x t...