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AWP Nerf ideas
they kinda have a small nerf already , veritgo is kinda sucky for awp ... so if ppl or pros gonna pick thos map awp will have very low impaact.
no easy when fallen stopped cheating.. sorry but ppl say flusha cheated the ammount of dishy clips etc SK has in the past is unreal, and i dont belive that a team can come from being so bad to ...
C9 should...
INtressting that you can call a team whit 2 NA players for NA
flusha busted
he is a smart player and human , why waste money on skins in the first place...
flusha busted
he is a cheater cuz he dont have skins ? are you just trolling or the most retardd person in the world?
csgo update
its still gonna be worth invest 3300 k , the problem is you can zoom in from inferno mid down t slope and spray and hit evry bullet dead on... its like haveing autopsniper on steroids for 3x t...
Swedish TV wtf
So 1 swede (immigrant) make fun off his own people and you say its sweden makeing fun off immigrants. Are you a troll or just plain stupid?
The only thing you acutally got right he is kinda a onliner . he prforms really good online and havent had very good lan plays not evne when he played in space soliders. They guy acutally talks ...
Olof and flusha never liked each others just saying you wont see that cahnge , but i say flusha to nip instead of overated gtr
s1mple is a fraud
simple is by far the best player but he also takes up alot of place in a team , in order for this boy to shine you have to have 4 ppl playing around simple. He is not to good for any team , its...
Olof retire pls
Olof have had 1 bad turnament since he came back from his brake how is this they guy thats faze issue, the problem is rain mostly i had alot of respect for him whgen he was proboly consinder to b...
Well the reason why his not consider being a goat is cuz of the cheating scene Fnatic, that all fnatic players are cheaters.. Mostly cuz of the olofm boost they did agianst envyus. . Funny th...
Vital disrespectful??
astralis gonna be shit after nidia fixes whit smoke mark my words they already lost one event after det changes... they gonna slowly go away , astralis gonna be the team that all remeber that use...
Has taco ever been the problem
its cumminty that see all support / heavy workers as bad.... there is a reason why coldzera was top 1 by far and as soon taco was gone he was shit....
NICO TOP 1 2018
think device gonna take nr 1 cuz of team placment . but irather see simple win