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Frag eXecutors vs ex-MYM
easily to the lan finals :)
ex-MYM vs ex-FX
delpan was rly outstanding on d2 :p
younameit vs counterzone
Lol epic fail
ex-FX vs
supposed to be a joke? HE_HE
HellRaisers vs
Well see how the new HR lineup works, it looks strong on paper hope they will take this.
Power Gaming vs Excello
love nasus movement;o gg cc
Power Gaming vs Excello
rly strong performance by cc on train;p
those lists are complete jokes, like all lists about the best players since every player has a different role in the team and you cant compare them.
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
i wanted to answer all this poeple that said wicked always lose against mouz ;o but i guess that youre a weird german kid spamming when mouz wins. thats why you didnt get the point. wondering why you ...
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
mouzs style doesnt fit wicked for sure. mym is an offensive team winning rounds by their unpredictable decisions while mouz play safly as shit getting everywhere on walk and stuff;p
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
i dont think that youve got one. if you had you would see that mym players' skill (loord, luq, kuben) is far lower than for example gux, carn, whimp, mje whatever and the only thing that makes them wi...
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
wondering why the fuck kuben keep playing awp during important matches, he cant handle the pressure and misses easy shots. pistols decided gg;o
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
i would say a strong comeback since the t side wasnt good overall
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
since final isnt on yet theyre showing 'good moments' for polish cs;o
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
it was you spamming how bad polish scene is after EE won against Fx. sadly eml got dropped to lower bracket after they had lost to delta=(