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If this is your take ur braindead.
Sweden csgo
imo when I was younger, growing up with 1.5/1.6 in Sweden literally 80% of kids played it, it was THE game and with the widespread of gaming nowadays CS:GO is not getting the focus 1.6 was getting.
TRUMP left and suddenly
TRUMP left and suddenly
Please elaborate on how Trump will win and on the corruption he is fighting.
"Trump campaign officials have also alleged that more than 21,000 had been cast in the name of the dead in Pennsylvania. The claims stem from a conservative legal group’s lawsuit against the secretary...
common European misconceptions
Making a comment so i can come back and laugh at you when Bidens sworn in because Republicans have literally no evidence of fraud because it never happened. Please don’t reply to my comment if ur gonn...
4th season was arguably the best season they ever made, together with season 8 and 1. Loved the show from season 1 til the end, it obviously had some weaker seasons but I can't say there was a huge di...
The bug was fixed on the 26th and they played g2 the 29th so that makes no sense :)
Sweden or Finland?
Really couldn't care less about how many hours it takes for you to fly, its the inconvenience that discourages ppl, Stockholm is the only reason to visit the city, meanwhile Copenhagen is both a gatew...
Sweden or Finland?
You can't really compare how much the cities are visited seeing as Stockholm is so far away from any other country in Europe and Copenhagen is really close to both Germany and Sweden, it will obviousl...
Sweden or Finland?
Mate you know nothing about economy so you should probably not be making comments about stuff you don't know anything about :)