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me beZt pro plejer from brazzaville kongo
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2630 ELO SoloQ
these days everyone on faceit is sick until the red banner crowns the profile
Oldschool Rap is best Rap
you oceanic guys got some good shit too, homebrew from back in the days and these days melodownz mby something new for u
Oldschool Rap is best Rap
never been into fiasco, but also slept on is gibbs even he gets some spotlight since the alchemist tape
Oldschool Rap is best Rap best european mc skillwise, dope lyricist and my fav some dope uk ...
Oldschool Rap is best Rap
soul most slept on these days
oldschool rap and hip hop my all time fav
thorin malding s1mple got #2
i never said s1mple isnt the no 1 or 2 player on earth the fact that ropz mechanical skill is 10x better than s1mple is just proven by the eyetest, his crosshairplacement is miles ahead his movement i...
good mousepad for medium sens?
corsair m350, if you dont like printed texture take the champion edition
my friends song dope song by them
would be a multi billionaire if saved
thorin malding s1mple got #2
his crosshairplacement is also dog compared to good mechanical players, its like watching your russian mm gamer playing cs
thorin malding s1mple got #2
ropz is by far the best mechanical player, cerq is really good aswell.
thorin malding s1mple got #2
diffrence is prolly that he played 1.6 on a regular while not playing csgo at all
thorin malding s1mple got #2
i played with thorin afaik back in the day and he wasnt even bad.