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Just fapped AMA
How much ?
1,000,000 threads on HLTV!
tips with a grill
I love threads like that on HLTV and the answers you can expect. I hope these advices will be good for you and that eventually you'll FUCK HER IN THE ASS.
Star Wars Spoilers = Permanent bans
is that a spoil if we say who ?
what music cheers you up
this one: i'm a drummer :s
I was furnishing myself in an old farm in normandy. The guy was stocking the calva in the same barrel his grandfather did 100 years ago, keeping all the flavors. It is exceptional; this brew would cos...
I prefer calvados.
vac error
It happend to me when i messed up with the console. I reinstaled and deleted all my cfg files. But i'm not sure it's the same issue.
fps on laptop?
there's huge difference between 850 and 850m. But the proc is more important anyway.
fps on laptop?
Addicted to csgo
what is rsi ?
intel i3-4170
Haha thx. I don't give a single shit about graphics, in any game i open the first thing i do is lowering the specs. If i buy a 144hz monitor it's only for cs go and LoL, the other games i play aren't ...
intel i3-4170
What a wise comment. The price/performance ratio seems to be the most overlooked point in every review i'm looking at. I gona go for the 4170 and an r7 370 myself, what 144hz monitor would you advi...
kennys player of year
Haha what a dumb ranking.
130$ on an alim and 70$ on a fan... are you kiddin ? With that money you could almost buy a 144Hz screen.