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NiP vs Keyd Stars
Can someone bloody well update us on what on earth is going on? Other group is over, isn't it? It's getting late and I have work in the morning. Just fantastic.
Evil Geniuses vs Desire 2 Excel
Evil Geniuses vs Desire 2 Excel
okay thanks
Evil Geniuses vs Desire 2 Excel
is there an english stream available?
f0rest wtf?!
it does actually..even though you feel hungry right after,you tend to lose weight..but that is for the more frequent smokers..ive known a lot of people who prove this theory to be quite valid...
fnatic vs TyLoo.raw
i disagree, if you noticed throughout the match, they lost out a lot due to poor decission making, positioning and how they dealt with certain situations..their aim is fine, if they can improve their ...
fnatic vs TyLoo.raw
f0rest being a top player, yes..but savage still has to prove or two great tourneys doesnt make you on par with the likes of f0rest..dont judge players too soon..if he can perform at thi...
TyLoo vs TyLoo.raw
insted of showing us footage of these 2 douches doing nothing significant, it would be better if they give us a walk-about and show whats going on in the freaking arena..starting soon could mean in 2 ...
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
How can people say NaVi are "lucky as usual" ? You make your own luck, they are a really really strong team, deal with it..
Lions vs Evil Geniuses
wow full? :(
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
never! lol
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
its already 1.00am in my country n now only gona start
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
omg please start already~!
TitaNs vs Phantoms
is it delayed or sumthin?