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Neo still the hardest mofo is cs history
Another very positive comment ! Keep it up ! Totally agree !
Virtus.pro vs WYBOROWA
Nie cpiej tyle synu bo ci sie jebie w glowce :)
Virtus.pro vs MYM
Guys from VP wake up please. You guys are the best in this business, seriously stop taking it too serious and just enjoy it. You dont really need to practice 24/7 and sacrifice your own life for trani...
NiP vs Virtus.pro
Yes you are right, but at this moment VP is on their highest level that they can show us and they are crushing peoples head literally, pasha is just 2 stronk especially after this victory at katowice,...
NiP vs Virtus.pro
VP is looking scarry, finally someone who can stand against NIP this year will be interesting in different to previous years
Virtus.pro vs Clan-Mystik
VP is soo freaking good, this year will be full of success for them I CAN BET ! They are best in this Counter Strike business
Virtus.pro vs LDLC
Why in LDLC last matches is 2-0 for VP :D? someone posted result before even the start :D its obvious that virtus pro will take them easier than example nip in finall just quick match for fun:D
NiP vs Virtus.pro
Virtus.pro vs LDLC
Go drunk you are home, sad guy is sad :D http://www.troubleblog.com/files/u2/angry.jpg
Virtus.pro vs LDLC
i know that you are sad but keep it for yourself
Virtus.pro vs LDLC
Everyone thought like this ;) and then boom surprise :)
Virtus.pro vs LDLC
I WILL REPEAT IT ONCE AGAIN, TOLD YOU THAT VIRTUS PRO WILL DESTROY THIS EVENT ahahah :D i havengt seen them in such mood/shape for ever, thats highest level they can show for us atm and this can compa...