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How to handle drunk englishmen in Ayia Napa/Magaluf?
True that , but in Ayia napa you go to party / drink / fack some chicks , and in most occasions with either Tourists / Locals getting drunk (cause of the above reasons) and just fight . Ayia Napa i...
How to handle drunk englishmen in Ayia Napa/Magaluf?
Don't go to places where drunk people hang out if you can't defend your self nor the ones around you , do your self a favor and start working out , take some self defense lessons . It's not just Ayia ...
10/10 girl?
http://youtu.be/jmIeIKmWsX0 The girl that drives the car is 10/10 IMO
this topic is funny :]
Good old memories man.. good old memories ;/
We want all HLTV pls stream Lag
Get proper computer and internet .. I'm living in Cyprus (worst net ever) and 720p+ works perfect.. so stop crying =]
Clean Marijuana (Weed) won't make you throw up .. the ones that make you throw up are those which have all kinds of chemicals on them (To make them stronger and shiet like that) If you want to feel...
Nice links guys keep them coming!
3 word story :D
touched them gently =D
how is this INSANE?! its just random ace vs random low bobs.. no offense your friend is low too (movement / game wise Doesn't know shit about game as it seems from his gameplay) Pure Spray & pray...
ESL skins (mostly playing on EAC servers where ESL skins are allowed)
SK Gaming vs fRAK!
no stream =(
CSPromod b1.07 soon =)
actually if u follow them and check every now and then the game does seem pretty nice and i'm sure with the new update the game will feel much better . IMO
Kinzu or Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0
your parents must be really proud for what they have grown :) GL IRL you will need it.