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Im in for the giveaway :DD steam id - dnmzt4R
hmmm ur graphoc card will let u down.. i5 3470 is really good.. buy a amd ati radeon card.. ull probably get 250+ 5v5 and 200 DM
Mouse holding
My mamba inside the pant.. palm grip :D
Resolution Problem (1.6)
add -w 640 in launch options.. also try changin resolution on your desktop to a smaller one..
Talk Indian Style
I like tread.. i like talk like this.. i like to you make Blow a Horse! Mouth yours and in side tht 8========================D this! I like to you make but naked n make run on street! i like !! get...
I need a work fine Cs 1.6 non-steam version for LAN, any idea ?
and u can find it on any torrent site.. search for p48 cs 1.6 torrent! hf!
I need a work fine Cs 1.6 non-steam version for LAN, any idea ?
really? cafes all around india use steam ? rofl!
Na`Vi so online...
LOL Are u stupid or wat?? U think A great 1.6 team as u put it would not be so competitive to cheat to win?? thy wouldn have played the game in 1st place.. Its only cause u havent played so many lan ...
fps info .
what fps do u get atm?
Counter strike 1.6 isn't smooth
CTRL ALT DELETE .. go to processes.. remove all unwanted processes running.. rigt click hl.exe go to the priority tab n select high or realtime.. Go to the affinity tab.. then remove half of the cpus ...
Are Indians Nice People?
Are you Stupid? if yes, why? (btw i think u are)
Xai or Raw ??
i just wanted to ask.. are all xai users facing problems with mouse? as in tracking plus disconnecting problems? i had a xai.. was perfect for a yr now its not working.. and i see many xai users in my...
Very hard math
x + 4 =/= 0! wrong equation
Na`Vi vs Sweden
trace out if Navi win?
Na`Vi vs Sweden