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Ansgar German version of the name "Oscar", means "Spear of God" originally, nowadays known as a synonym for "awesome vegan bicycle messenger"! "Wow, that guy on that real sweet raleigh is such an Ansg...
Remove vertigo
if you haven't realized yet B spot is supposed to be easier to shut down for the CT-sides, A sides are more open. That's how the layout works on every map. and technically it doesn't have only 1 entra...
Endpoint vs Sprout
no it can't, "ich" is the signal word here
Endpoint vs Sprout
Endpoint vs Sprout
has nothing to do with context?! "Wir"-> unsere "Ich" -> mein brain on plxxxxx
What is your eye color?
german speakers come
well, living there or just visiting is obviously a difference but i had a nice experience at least even though i usually prefer calmer places, rather on the country side.
german speakers come
did you forget to change accounts? why would i lie, makes no sense. if you think it's not true you hang around with the wrong people.
german speakers come
hm but why you think so? we had a nice place, the family and other people were friendly. city was nice overall. the dude in coffee shop also gave me free drinks because i was almost dying, he probably...
german speakers come
what do you mean
german speakers come
that just depends on the person and how much effort they actually put into it, i guess the people you know just don't care which is just sad. not knowing the language of the country they live in prope...
german speakers come
i was in amsterdam for a few days and it was cool, lived on a house-boat where we rented a room from a dutch family. and they had a bagel-restaurant where we could eat for free every morning. was grea...
need help (monitor)
thanks guys, wanted to ask the same :thumbsup: