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is there a systemic racism against blacks in esports ?
8/8 if you're trolling tho.
is there a systemic racism against blacks in esports ?
gender studies? HAHAHAHAA to refute all of your arguments on this thread I'll just direct you to watch the lectures by Jordan B Peterson. You'll learn there that stating "this is factually incorrect...
Not going to finnish military
If that is the case, you won't be admitted into service anyways... don't worry about it then.
Not going to finnish military
just go with it, don't you want to overcome your health shortcomings? think about it... right now you're hopeless about your body... just imagine what going thru your national duties will do for your ...
Liquid vs SK
If I remember correctly, cold and stew had 31 kills each by the end of the match
is this guy natty?
natty at 125kg 1.75m and 3-5% BF ?? HAHAHA no fucking way dude
3 years of lifting and running, no six pack
ABs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.
Gay Trip to Brazil
best HLTV thread this year so far, have fun fucking brown people
Today I got rejected...
I Fix mappool (volvo come here)
I like it, I don't know if cobblestone is fixable tho, I really like the map but from a competitive standpoint it doesn't seem to work... but FFS Volvo, add tuscan already... pay that man whatever he'...
Why do you party?
LOL, I definitely don't love it THAT much
Why do you party?
so I can do my drugs on a setting where it's acceptable. i fucking love cocaine.
Trump Supporter AMA
why do you hate mexicans?
I r8 your PC
i7 6700k cooled by corsair h100i GTX Asus Maximus VIII Ranger z270 16gb DDR4 @3200mhz Asus GTX 1070ti ROG Strix 500GB SSD Samsung 850 pro
sex is not fun
you might be gay yeah, you might just suck at it making it a pretty underwhelming experience for you and your partners