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Gym motivation
yup, you get so used to everything being good and fun while high... you just gotta find something of your interest to fill your time with, I used to spend hours watching TV shows online while high and...
Gym motivation
I was on the same boat as you, my advice... lay off the weed for a while... if you've been smoking non stop for years like I was you won't miss much of it. Stop smoking weed and you'll feel the need...
how old are you? how tall are you? how much do you weight? where's your body fat % at ? measure your ankle and wrist and write down your answers here, most likely you don't need steroids (yet) I'd ad...
Liquid Steel
fucking great guy, really good team player... I'm so happy everything turned out fine for him and found a new home after playing with the likes of kng and the twins...
Ago New Logo
thanks, not a fan, but the old one didn't have anything going for it either.
Liquid Fans Come Here
WHYYY!! why not Nifty ?? I guess the buyout for Nifty is just waaay too high to justify it
Ago New Logo
link to new logo?
you can nuke 3 countries
name checks out.
you can nuke 3 countries
why is everyone so triggered by this thread, LOL I didn't see it as bait but... I guess OP wins the 8/8 award of the year EDIT: I just noticed OPs nickname, fucking hilarious
r8 grill
ez 10/10... sad thing is her sense of style
Audio Settings 3D
there actually is a significant difference, if you dont notice it you might have some other type of 3D audio setting, windows 10 has one and depending on your soundcard you might have another one ther...
Audio Settings 3D
try both, I hate it.. but it might just be me being so used to the off setting from years of playing
your country is famous for?
:( not your fault
Don't embarras yourself, its a bo3... Majors have always been bo3 finals
If FAZE don't ...
When did you join SK as a player/coach*