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Snax rekt Mouz.
I think you are massively overrating Snax, as far as I know he isn't that calm collected team player that you are making him up to be. If he was a team first-type of guy like you say he is, he'd try ...
Snax rekt Mouz.
why would a business base their strategy around a washed up player (by this I mean past his prime, I think we can all agree on that by now) when they got young, up and coming talent who have many mor...
Snax rekt Mouz.
All this drama has to teach us is... HOW VALUABLE A REAL SUPPORT IS FOR ANY TEAM! People used to shit on styko when he was on mouz for his stats... but goddamn... everytime I watched him play (the s...
khabib's a genius, his next paycheck is gonna double AT THE VERY LEAST.
Zowie Mice
damn now I feel bad cuz my mouse only lights up red or red
Zowie Mice
you are right, I had the brands mixed up. I had the first zowie EC-1 (the white one with transparent scrollwheel) and this one had the jumpwheel bug, the more recent benq ones that I've tried (the 2 ...
Zowie Mice
what should we use to jump these days Mr Triggered
Zowie Mice
is it one of the old benq ones? I've got an ec-2 and an FK-1 and both of them perform to perfection
Zowie Mice
nah he refers to the tactile feedback coming from their switches... it doesn't feel "nice" to click em... but they work, and do a better job at what they do than most if not all of the competition out...
Life played me
no insurance? damn that sucks, not any doctor can operate a torn ACL, and most of those that can are still using cadaver grafts... not optimal I'd say go ahead and give it a shot, don't give up on yo...
Life played me
surgery ?? I'd hate to be a cripple this soon in life
r8 this girl
lol @ the salt in this thread.. Shes's, at least... a 9.7/10 She's got her own style at least, different to the rest of the "insta whores" as you like to refer to them. poor virgins
Safe drug to try
coke > all
is a gf waste of time and monkey ?
+99 you win
i r8 your 10/10 girl
goddamn she's perfect, you win.