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R8 ass
solid 7.8/10
No way to win in Tinder
you're 18 dude, life's shitty for everyone in some aspect at that time... once people hit 25, male's attractiveness goes up for another 10-15 years and womens decrease... Long story short... "don't wo...
Marry, fuck, kill
Would you fuck Primix and then kill him? or the other way around?
Bitcoin price EOY
vaping is gay
Wait, are you telling me I like sucking dick? I might try it, you seem to know your shit. :>
Daughter brings home black bf
+1 for the clever joke, rare on this site
Hello HLTV_MASTER_BAITER. Noticing those different patterns is definetly not a bad thing, only a cuck SJW would argue that all races are the same and on equal ground. However, discriminating someone ...
Just watch Cohen's new show "Who is America" and have a laugh at the level of bigotry going on in some parts of the country. It is actually worse than what you could imagine
richard lewis salary???
What is unbelivable is that Loba has any fans to begin with. Faith in humanity -1
Convert To Islam
Hitler tought WW2 would be the last war the reich would be asked to fight, because after he had finished his campaing there would be no oposition to the Aryan race and after that the world would be no...
Convert To Islam
so basically, islam thinks the same way as Hitler did?
Liquid #2
simple constantly plays under his average against liquid, with current rosters.. liquid is 2 for 2 vs navi. I wonder if s1mple ever regrets leaving TL seeing how, without him... whos arguably the bes...
40°C in France
26 C 2 days ago we were getting fucked by mid to high 30s tho
Weed + Tobacco?
I used to peel a marlboro cig and use the top of it as filter/size guide for my rolling, mix the rest of the tobacco with about 0.2-3 grams of good shit and BAM, addicted for like 10 years to that del...
Im from 2025. ask me
winner and method of victory of Khabib mcGregor ?