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Do you play on 144hz ?
I had one before and it's quite decent, does the job pretty well and never gave me a problem... A friend of mine is still playing on it like 5-6 years after. That's not cheap though, You can find a n...
Do you play on 144hz ?
what's a "must buy" by your standards, I mean where's the line for you? I'd rather not play CS if I dont have 200+ fps and at least 120hz... I just don't enjoy the game, I'd go even further and say th...
Do you play on 144hz ?
another PG248Q user? high five!
Chinese ppl help
Its as if iMessage or whatsApp had paypal and instagram integrated into em. Chinese people use it for literally everything
They're the team with the most flash assist of all time. They're the team with the most utility damage per round of all time. They're fucking 27-0 on nuke. They're the only team with an actual 6 map p...
Fix Latin America
There are small rural communities all across Mexico who have armed themselves and eradicated all organized crime from their lands, never say never.
Fix Latin America
the problem in Mexico is corruption across ALL society** (fixed that for you)... As long as the people keep thinking that a single politician is going to end the corruption that is hardwired in every ...
[18+]i was raped
+1 l33t storytelling skillz
Liquid 100% win rate in 2019
Tell that to mibr...
Liquid trade
I think what stewie needs to bring to liquid is a willingness to adapt to their already established structure, they have solid foundations and he can build on top of that without the need of a star ro...
the ugliest language
everything spoken on Asia.
Girl wants to quit birth control
get the fuck out of there, if she just got out of a relationship and its begging you to jump into the next one... get the fuck out of there brah
Capitalism > Communism
Marxism is about social engineering. And as stated above, this engineering process is based on the we vs them moto. Marx observed and deducted that in capitalist society, small independent producers ...
Capitalism > Communism
communism is based on the same Marxist principle of putting group identity first. Different cultures have tried implementing socialism in many different ways, Mao's China started with economic equalit...
Capitalism > Communism
That's what decades of Communism do to a country, bouncing back from that is no easy task, especially coupled with the fact that they lost the geopolitical battle around the globe