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s1mple 1st place
ez /close +1
1 habit that no one knows
maybe you should get some brain, Internet kid?
1 habit that no one knows
Signed up 2018-11-05 Comments 9 go grow up piece of shit
Gambit vs pro100
ceh9 you can do it xD
Sad day for polish scene
wtf kid, you have lvl 10 on faceit and you make a fucking comment like "finally" about Zeus retairement in 2019??? hahaha brainless kid, that why you are not a pro and will never been fucking polish ...
Sad day for polish scene
I dont play cs fucking pussy lvl 10?? so what are u doing here? why you are not a pro??? hahaha low iq kid just tell me why? why you can not make a simply call in 2018?? LOL fucking polish pussy
Sad day for polish scene
what? where i told to you that I am not living in Portugal????????????????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SO FUCKING STUPID HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHERE?????????????????????????????? cmon make a call fucking...
Sad day for polish scene
the reality Signed up 2018-06-11
Sad day for polish scene
hahaha fucking low iq kid only you crying in previuse thread becouse you can not make a fucking call in watsap hahahahaha Portuguese scene? LOL what???? hahahahahahahahahaha you fucking low iq kid I ...
Sad day for polish scene
rip polska scene becouse of fucking kids like you who can not make a call in 2018 to powe his words LOOL fucking new accounts
device top 1 is joke
even worst if you have banned account I really understand you, but give him more time I mean his adr will never be >1
device top 1 is joke
Edward is a good player, but I can understand your position because you are so young Signed up 2018-09-15
device top 1 is joke
5. If you put device on Na'Vi and s1mple on Astralis, s1mple could play the device's style but device cant play s1mples style, Navi would become infinitely worse team. nice one, it's your best argume...
s1mple >>>>>>>>>>>> dev1ce
wtf LOL XD
-rep faceit
hahahahaha you so fucking stupid that you are reaply at your own thread LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL wtf pussy kid, u just run away from another thread when you was so agresive, but when I ask you to talk in...