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Bro i think you are baited ;D
1 grand on NiP
Fuck Valve
Probably some apps on your computer are not working correctly with vac , mby something like ccleaner can be a problem.
LOTR vs Harry Potter
Both totally different it cant be comparable but if i must choice then probably its HP.
N A V I !!! LOL
It feels like they are doing this on purpose , lets be real even without practise they should be able to play much better i think..
why faze #1 sk #2??
Cause Faze recently won two tournaments in a row and only failed epicenter , while sk failed many tournaments in a row after major and only sucseed at epicenter?
Ok , since you are using windows 10 first you should uninstal xbox dvr app that thing can cause serious fps problems when you are playing games. If that didnt helped try search in google how to optim...
ass or boob
First? Face. And if your question is what i prefer then i prefer ass.
Fallen "2Face" TOledo
Hey guys , can someone remind when and why ppl started calling him two faced? Its after fnx kick from the team?
No matter what you play (mm , faceit , esea) at one point or another you will always find toxic , trolls etc.. players.
cs go betting site
csgo188 same as old csgolounge
People said same thing when VP played vs Gambit and Faze and now G2 but look they managed to beat them and probably will send g2 home too. So dont be so sure that it will be so easy for sk.
I think on main english stream crowd is muted , if u wanna hear crowd watch russian stream and ofc wait for VP
Leauge of Legends Pro goes crasy and beats GF
Oh yes thx
Leauge of Legends Pro goes crasy and beats GF
Can someone translate what happened there? That guy seems totally idiot