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Belgium = France
There is indeed more Flemish speaking ppl who can speak French than French speaking ppl who can speak Flemish. But that doesn't mean there is none.
Belgium = France
True, but some FR speaking Belgians know how to speak Dutch. Not everyone, but some do.
Belgium = France
Read more about Belgium's Languages here:
Belgium = France
Cause we have 3 national languages. 1. Dutch 2. French 3. German We know how to speak all of them (or most of us do). It doesn't mean we only speak French or whatever
Belgium = France
Wrong. Dutch (1st language: +/~55%, 2nd: 13%) French (1st language: +/~36%, 2nd: +/~45%) German (1st language : 0.4%, 2nd: 22%)
Belgium = France
That's cause you both share the same language (sort off, cause our French & yours isn't exactly the same), so it's easier to connect. Same way we're gonna connect easier to Dutch ppl from Netherlands.
Belgium = France
There is Belgian Walloons who speak French, there is some that speak Dutch/Flemish. Same other way around.
Belgium = France
Flanders = biggest part speaks Dutch (Flemish), but also some French. Brussels & Wallonia = biggest part speaks French, but also some Flemish East-Belgium = biggest part speaks German / Luxembourghs ...
Belgium = France
By that logic everyone should be a region of UK or USA, cause everyone speaks English.
G2 Logo
Cause the red one doesn't look good on their new jerseys.
Your car?
Audi A4 B8 Avant - facelift
s1mple and guardian to FaZe
Where are they then? ;) They are located in LA, California
s1mple and guardian to FaZe
Yea sure S1mple is going back to USA after leaving USA because he missed his hometown too much.. No one of NaVi is going to FaZe.
nip is back
and play other maps than cache too.
Nip VS Friberg
They needed some fresh blood, that's for sure and friberg should have been removed way earlier. But stating thaty NiP is back is a bit early tbh :)