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Czech Republic AMD Sapphire Invitational

Austria Mad Catz Invitational
Czech Republic Prague Challenge
Sweden DreamHack Winter

Poland EMS One Katowice
Germany ESL One Cologne
France ESWC
Sweden DreamHack Winter

Finland ASUS ROG Winter
Poland ESL One Katowice Main Qualifier
Poland ESL One Katowice
Germany ESL Pro League Winter 2014/15 Finals
Romania CCS Kick-Off Season Finals
United Kingdom FACEIT League Stage 1 Finals
Sweden DreamHack Open Summer
Germany ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals
Spain FACEIT League Stage 2 Finals at DreamHack Valencia
Germany ESL One Cologne
Romania PGL Season 1 Finals
Romania DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca

Germany DreamHack ZOWIE Open Leipzig
Romania PGL Regional Minor Championship Europe
Lithuania Game Show Global eSports Cup
Poland IEM Katowice
Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö
United Kingdom ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals
Poland ESL One Cologne Main Qualifier
Sweden DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer
United Kingdom ECS Season 1 Finals
Germany ESL One Cologne
Romania DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest
Ukraine WESG EU & CIS Regional Finals
Russia EPICENTER: Moscow
Brazil ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals
United States iBUYPOWER Masters
United States IEM Oakland

China WESG 2016 World Finals
United States ELEAGUE Major Atlanta
United States DreamHack Masters Las Vegas
Poland IEM Katowice
France DreamHack Open Tours
United States ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals
Romania Europe Minor - PGL Major Krakow
Romania PGL Major Main Qualifier
Poland PGL Major Krakow
Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö
Greece ESG Tour Mykonos
United States ESL One New York
Denmark BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
Sweden DreamHack Open Winter
Denmark ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals

United States ELEAGUE Major
Poland IEM Katowice
Hungary V4 Future Sports Festival
United States ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals
United Kingdom Europe Minor - FACEIT Major
Sweden DreamHack Masters Stockholm
United Kingdom FACEIT Major
Denmark BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen
United States ECS Season 6 Finals
Portugal BLAST Pro Series Lisbon

Poland Europe / CIS Minor - IEM Katowice
Poland IEM Katowice
China StarSeries i-League Season 7
United States BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles
United States IEM Chicago
Germany StarLadder Major
Hungary V4 Future Sports Festival
Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö
Turkey StarSeries i-League Season 8
Bahrain BLAST Pro Series Global Finals

Poland IEM Katowice

Sweden PGL Major Stockholm
Denmark BLAST Premier Fall Final

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Can confirm
80 players to choose from in PGL Major Challengers stage Fantasy
Yeah, I can't count apparently.
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You're right, it doesn't lock BIG out, just the other two
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We'd all love our local teams to break through internationally, but the fact is only few can, especially when you already have another team from the same country there. If anything, the fact that th...
Rejin makes return as Entropiq Prague analyst
I'm not sure how any of what you said makes the org so unlikeable, is it just the fact that they jumped at multiple exciting international opportunities? They gave a home to a top 20 team who was str...
ESL announce Pro Tour changes and 2022 calendar; Rio Major under consideration
Just following flags they used in the graphic. I'd expect them to still be on LAN, maybe they just didn't use a specific flag because it spans multiple countries (like it was originally supposed to, w...
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The match? :)
Liquid save NIP from elimination as EPL group stage concludes
IEM Fall EU qualifier #2: HAVU, Movistar Riders, NASR among top-16 teams
That's Prof :D
IEM Fall EU qualifier #2: HAVU, Movistar Riders, NASR among top-16 teams
These are teams who signed up, we'll update with those who checked in once we have that list. I assume they will likely not check in
EPL Group C: Four teams battle for two playoffs spots
Those are two different three-way ties