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Faceit cheater 3000 elo
yeah that's weird why wouldn't he use mic? xd
Faceit cheater 3000 elo
how do you know if he's not using mic?
Faceit cheater 3000 elo
I believe in good players and I hope he's playing without anything
Faceit cheater 3000 elo
could be luck :)
s1mples new car
I think it's a5 2015 S line has logo on the grill, that model has only quattro which means it's most likely normal a5
faceit premium cancer
other team confirmed they kicked him the next round what do you expect from 3 russians?
faceit premium cancer
he is right they've kicked me in round 12 , I have saved one round coz I got ak next round they decided to kick another guy s...
faceit premium cancer
he got banned for leaving aswell guys from the other team confirmed that these 3 russians kicked him after they had kicked me
faceit premium cancer
he got kicked after they've kicked me he agreed on kicking me and then they've kicked him ez 0-16 ez ban for 2h #faceit5vs5premium
faceit levels
juliano lvl 7 xd faceit lvl doesn't mean anything lvl 10 has the same amount of retards as other levels
I think it's a5 2015
EC2-A 500 or 1000hz?
yeah because that's what matters 1vs1 skill that's why you're still lvl 5
How old is your hltv acc?
mine says 2009 but I am pretty sure I've had an account in 2008 when MYM.PGS won ESWC 2008 in San Jose over 2k comments and final ended at 10am or something xd
Byali Cheating
did you watch 1st game? you don't need cheats to beat that